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Cassette Tape

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List of entities

Cassette Tapes are special entities in the A-Sides of chapters 1 through 8. They unlock each chapter's respective B-Side. As such, collecting them is required to unlock a chapter's red crystal heart, and all of them must be collected before the C-Sides are unlocked. Cassette Tapes are always in a Cassette Room, featuring Cassette Blocks and an 8-bit remix of the chapter's music. Collecting a Cassette Tape will always lead to Madeline being transported, via bubble, back to the beginning of the room she came from (in 8A she gets bubbled to the end instead).

At the level select screen, you can see the checkpoint where the cassette tape (along with strawberries) is found, which can help you locate it.

Locations of Cassette Tapes[edit | edit source]

Forsaken City[edit | edit source]

The cassette is hidden at the beginning of the Chasm checkpoint. To find it, go past the zipper on the left to reach an optional area, and then stand on the next zipper and launch yourself upwards. It will take you to a berry room. In the wall to the left is the hole, covered by another zip mover. Grab it to get it out of the way, and the cassette room can be found past the gap in the wall.

Old Site[edit | edit source]

It's found in the Start checkpoint. Go down-right to activate the dream blocks, and after coming back to the "hub" section, fall to the very bottom and dash through the dream block in the ground.

Celestial Resort[edit | edit source]

The cassette can be found in Elevator Shaft. Get to the key room and the entrance will be visible on the very far left. It's indicated by a light beam coming out of the hole.

Golden Ridge[edit | edit source]

The cassette is fairly early in the Start checkpoint. After passing through the touch switch room, the next room has a hidden entrance that can be seen in the top-left corner. Use the second white cloud to reach this height, and run to the left of the berry room which takes you to another hidden area with the tape.

Mirror Temple[edit | edit source]

This cassette is found in the Depths checkpoint and can be easily missed if you aren't exploring the entire map. After going past two rooms to the right of where you first encounter Theo in the mirror, fall off the metal platform and take a red booster to the right. Then, pass the next room and the one after it to get to a room with strawberry seeds. Finally, go through a cracked wall on the right to enter the cassette room.

Reflection[edit | edit source]

It's found in the Hollows checkpoint, behind a breakable wall on the bottom-left side. Take a Kevin block to the bottom and let it break the wall, opening the way to the cassette tape room.

The Summit[edit | edit source]

It can be found in the 5th room of 1500m by going through an optional path at the top. It's easily noticeable, but you must dodge a moving dust bunny that blocks the pathway.

Core[edit | edit source]

The Cassette Tape room is right at the end, and you must collect it to get to the Crystal Heart and complete the chapter.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The original method of obtaining the Cassette Tapes was going to be by collecting several music notes. The player would have to grab multiple of them without touching the ground, similar to how Strawberry Seeds work in the final game.[1]
  • In Celeste 64, the cassette tapes don't unlock B-Sides, but upon touching them, the player is transported to a room with a strawberry and Cassette Blocks.
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