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Intro car

Other names Funny car
Starting vehicle
Crash Car
Maddy Car
Dadbod Car
Found in Pr.  •  8A  •  9

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The intro car, also known as the funny car or other names which refer to its widespread use in Celeste maps, is a vehicle that can be found in the Prologue, Core A-Side and Farewell. It is commonly associated with Cheat Mode, a secret feature which enables unlocking all maps, and is often hidden as a secret in various maps as such, but also Farewell. The first and second cars in Prologue and Core respectively belongs to Madeline; Granny refers to the first one during a conversation with her in Golden Ridge.

The car bears similarities with a hatchback from the mid 1980s to the early 1990s; more precisely, it bears similarities with a 1992-1993 Honda Accord wagon, but with the addition of a radio antenna and a shorter, steeper end.

Another intro car, albeit recolored and in a lower resolution, appears in Celeste Classic 2: Lani's Trek.

Significance[edit | edit source]

The intro car has become a significant meme within the Celeste community. Owing to Farewell not existing around the game's release, the intro car could only be initially found in the prologue. Because of how it is completely secret, how it typically wouldn't be found via typical gameplay, and because of how it is a dynamic object, bouncing a little whenever Madeline lands on it, it became disproportionately famous. Many Celeste mod developers, including ones for Ghostnet, have used the intro car as a "testing object". Some content creators, including iamdadbod, have made the intro car an integral part of their channel. Many Everest-compatible maps used the intro car as a secret, either hidden at the beginning of a level or stashed away quite significantly. Farewell's addition of two intro cars, one as a secret, is a reference to the memetic status of the vehicle.

The intro car has become such an overused gag that it has gained several nicknames, notably "Funny Car" and its abbreviated form "Funny". Oftentimes, Everest maps will use different names for the intro car, in order to make things sound more unique: an example is "introductory vehicle". Some maps go as far as make finding the intro car a challenge in itself; often, it is accompanied by text referencing the joke being overly stale.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Four intro cars exist in Celeste:

  • On the screen left to where Madeline first spawns in the Prologue
  • On the screen left to where Madeline first spawns in "Start", Core A-Side
  • Hidden in a room in Farewell's Remembered subchapter
  • Beside the Internet Café in Farewell, in Event Horizon