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Mention the name of any music from the Celeste OST or any of the other Celeste-related music tracks available on Bandcamp or on other platforms.

 | album = ALBUM NAME (e.g. OST), or CUSTOM ALBUM NAME
 | num = TRACK NUMBER (01 through 99; use a trailing zero) (e.g. 02)
 | track = TRACK NAME (e.g. First Steps)
 | artist = ARTIST NAME for B-Side tracks (e.g. 2 Mello)
 | action = Whether the song was remixed (by default) or written [= Written]

The ALBUM NAME, if for a vanilla soundtrack, must be one of the following: OST (Celeste OST), BS (Celeste B-Sides), FW (Farewell), or GRAB (Madeline's Grab Bag). Custom album names may be used otherwise, but those do not support automatic linking and other advanced features.

For example, {{soundtrack|album=FW|num=06|track=Beyond the Heart}} gives you (without the box):

You may optionally exclude the album parameter, in order to solely specify the track number and track name, as in:

You may also include an artist parameter; this is used for custom maps and vanilla B-Sides.

Template made by Celeste, just like a billion other templates here.