Strawberry Jam Collab/Summit Down-Side

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Summit Down-Side

Creator Linj
Collab Strawberry Jam Collab
Strawberries 1 1
Difficulty Expert
Soundtrack Impeded

Summit Down-Side is a red Expert map created by Linj in which the player must climb a windy mountain while risking loss of progress by falling, similarly to Foddian style games such as Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy or Only Up. There is only one screen in this map. It is also impossible to die in this map. You can only fall. The higher you are the mountain, the more the music will get intense. Losing progress will cause the music to lose intensity.

The strawberry is located further up the mountain, over the crystal heart. To obtain it, the player must avoid collecting the heart or falling down and make their way to the badeline booster which will bring them to the strawberry.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While making the map, Linj realized that it was entirely possible to beat while carrying a Theo Crystal. For that reason, a pot was added at the left of the map that behaves exactly like a Theo Crystal, as a reference to Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy. Upon bringing it to the end of the level, the player can use it to access a secret cat by bringing the pot across the gap to the left of the crystal heart.
  • Since you cannot die in this map, the silver berry is incredibly easy to obtain. Nothing is changed about the map when the player has it. There is no gimmick or trick. You just have to beat the map a second time, which will be much easier the second time.
  • There is an incredibly long cutsene inside the cavern that says "DO NOT ENTER" under the crystal heart, in which Madeline will quote: "[...] say every word beginning with Z!" Since the retry button in the pause menu is disabled, it is impossible to skip this cutscene. However, if the player doesn't go too far into the cavern, Madeline says "I'll let you off easy. ... THIS TIME." If the player then chooses to go further, Madeline will resume her cutscene, this time to its completion.