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CELESTE Classic (originally known as Celeste) is a video game released by Maddy Thorson and Noel Berry for a game jam in 2015. It serves as a predecessor to Celeste (the full game) and CELESTE Classic 2: Lani's Trek. It can be played on itch.io and the PICO-8 website for free.

The game takes place on Celeste Mountain. The unnamed mountain climber, very possibly a younger version of Granny who is able to jump and dash (not climb!), climbs up about 3 000 meters, subsequently arriving at the summit. En route are 18 strawberries, some hidden, locked in a chest, or winged that will fly away when the player dashes. They serve as additional challenges for the player.

Celeste Classic serves as a secret mini-game in Celestial Resort, additionally becoming playable from Celeste's main menu when the player finds it. Some screens from Forsaken City look similar to those found in CELESTE Classic.

Objects[edit | edit source]

  • Spikes, which kill the climber upon touching.
  • Springs, bouncing the player up.
  • Disappearing blocks (boxes), collapsing shortly after touching and restoring afterwards.
  • Balloons, refilling the player's dashes.
  • Clouds, which move on a set trajectory left or right.
  • Ice, which makes the movement on it weirder.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

A typical CELESTE Classic screen (300M)

The game consists of 31 screens of progressively increasing difficulty. Mechanics such as springs, dash refills (balloons), disappearing crates, clouds, and ice are introduced throughout.

At 1200 meters, a Celeste Memorial similar to that at the end of Forsaken City can be found. The location is named "Old Site".

At 2200 meters is a chest that contains a green orb (known as the gem). When it is gathered, the player can dash twice without touching the ground. It is possible to complete the game without collecting it, albeit it is significantly harder.

The last screen is named "Summit", indicating the end of the climber's journey. Upon touching the flag, a statistics screen displays the elapsed time, the number of collected strawberries, and the number of deaths.

The "Real Gamer" achievement is awarded upon completing CELESTE Classic where achievements are supported.

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

The soundtrack was composed by Maddy Thorson.[1]

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