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Ultradashes are an untaught tech commonly used by speedrunners. It allows the player to gain a speed boost that can be chained without any hard limit. A successful Ultradash rewards the player with a 1.2x multiply in speed.

Performing an Ultradash[edit | edit source]

Ultradashes can be performed by doing a down-diagonal (↘) dash after gaining a large amount of momentum, which can be done through various circumstances:

  • Starting with a Wavedash or an Extended Hyper, followed by a down-diagonal shortly after, before the Wavedash/Hyper momentum runs out.
  • Holding on to a moving platform such as a Zip Mover, Move Block, Swap Block, or Kevin Block to gain a lot of speed. If the player jumps and dashes within 10 frames of leaving the block, they will go even further due to obtaining a "double block boost."
  • Pufferfish/Bumper/Seeker shockwave boosts give enough speed for an ultra.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

Doing an Ultradash multiplies Madeline's X-velocity by 1.2.

Other variants[edit | edit source]

Grounded Ultras (Gultras)[edit | edit source]

It's possible to chain Ultradashes off the ground by starting with a Wavedash or Extended Hyper, and then consecutively jumping and doing down-diagonals similarly to a Wavedash. If done quickly enough, Madeline will keep regaining her dash while also maintaining the 1.2x speed boost. This is a common trick speedrunners use, allowing them to pass through flat areas faster than a regular Hyperdash. It is usually interesting to grab items right after the gultra, like the Theo crystal or a jelly, as this cancels the gultra, allowing you to jump with the 390 speed given by it (325 × 1.2).

Chained Ultras[edit | edit source]

Chained Ultras are done similarly to chaining Wavedashes, but the player needs to keep dashing as soon as possible while also jumping very quickly off the ground as soon as they land on the floor. The timing is tough to master, but if done properly, the player can chain momentum without any limits. There are a few issues the player has to take care of:

  • The longer the player slides off the floor, the more speed they lose. Therefore, they should jump as soon as possible.
  • Buffering the jump is risky, as it has a high chance (⅜) of completely breaking the speed chain and doing a regular jump instead. This is sometimes called an ultrafuck.

Heart Ultras[edit | edit source]

An Ultradash can be performed using a Crystal Heart or a Mini Heart by dashing down-diagonally from a heart, in the opposite direction of where the heart is, during the few frames between when Madeline touches the heart and when the heart bounces her off. Heart Ultras are generally only done for show.

Differences between chained Ultras and Wavedashes[edit | edit source]

There are a few factors that determine the difference between chained Ultras and Wavedashes:

  • Ultras have no hard velocity limit, unlike Wavedashes, which will always jump with a specific amount of speed.
  • The player can do a full jump with Ultras, unlike Wavedashes, which cut its height in half.
  • Most dash-related tech leave ring particles behind the player, except Ultras.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ultras were unintentional.[1] Despite that, they have been embraced and kept for speedrunners or experienced players to play around with.