Strawberry Jam Collab/Forest Path

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Forest Path

Creator Asterisk
Other authors Catapile (composer)
fionwe (sticker)
ABuffZuchini, Banana 23, Bissy, Coffe, PowerAV, Projecteer (playtesting)
Quinnigan (captain)
Collab Strawberry Jam Collab
Strawberries 4 1
Difficulty Beginner
Soundtrack Forest Path

Forest Path is a green Beginner lobby map created by Asterisk. The map is set inside a strange purple forest. It features a custom mechanic, the dream refill from Communal Helper, which allows players to dash through solid blocks like a dream block.

Location[edit | edit source]

Forest Path is located directly under the Beginner lobby gym. It can be most easily found by heading directly right from the lobby spawn point and going a bit down.

The location of the map's pedestal in the lobby shows a small forest with purple leaves on the trees, as well as purple grass mixed in with a bit of stone. A waterfall and a small pool can also be found on the left of the pedestal. Flowers and mushrooms are also used as foreground decorations.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Forest Path is one of the only 3 maps in the collab with dream refills.