Spring Collab/Mural Skies

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Mural Skies

Creator Linj
Collab Spring Collab
Strawberries 1
Difficulty Advanced
Soundtrack Mural Skies • by Thegur90 • (not on Spring Collab OST)

Mural Skies is a red Advanced level from the Spring Collab with a focus on dream blocks and touch switches, later introducing custom jump refills. In this map, grabbing and neutral jumping are disabled. Its gameplay has had mixed reception due to the fact that it relies on improvisation and fast sight-reading, has moving touch switches without indication, and long rooms, and because it forces fast gameplay by removing the grab input.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mural Skies has spawned its own collab, aptly named the Mural Skies Collab, with maps that have similar gameplay. Its trailer describes Mural Skies as "[...] everyone's favourite Advanced map from Spring Collab".