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Kevin Block
A Kevin Block, as seen in Crypt of the Kevins

Found in 6  •  8B  •  8C  •  9

List of objects

  For the titular person who voiced this block, see Kevin Regamey.

Kevin Blocks, sometimes known under other names such as "crush blocks", are special blocks which can be dashed into. The block appears as a brown block with a face on it and either two or four blue outlines on its sides. When dashed on a side containing a blue outline, Madeline will bounce up, said side will light up, and a Kevin sound effect plays as the block now dashes back in Madeline's direction (opposite to the direction she dashes into) until it hits a wall, Madeline dashes into it again from another side, or (in a few instances) stops. Kevin blocks will follow the way back towards their initial starting position after having finished its dash.

Easter egg[edit | edit source]

If Madeline is named Fwahaha, Kevin blocks make a different sound when they are dashed into. This is a reference to the Celeste TAS shown at Summer Games Done Quick 2019; it's a reference to how the hosts at said event dubbed Kevin blocks "Covert blocks", after speedrunner CovertMuffin who is known for his laugh.