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This page contains all dialogues appearing in Forsaken City.

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Theo[edit | edit source]

Theo first appears in Forsaken City. It is possible, though not mandatory, to trigger several conversations with him, one after the other.

First[edit | edit source]

  • Theo: Ho there, fellow traveller!
  • Madeline: Oh... hi.
  • Theo: What a killer night for a hike!
  • Madeline: I guess so.
  • Theo: This place is so crazy.
    I kind of can't believe it exists!
  • Madeline: Not the easiest climb, is it?
    But I guess that's what I was looking for...
  • Theo: Whoa, that sounds pretty serious.
    I'm just happy to see another human in such a lonely place.
    I'm Theo by the way, an adventurer from a far off land!
  • Madeline: ...
  • Theo: Not much of a talker, are you?
    Mysterious lone wolf type, I get it. I'll just imagine some dark backstory for you.

Second[edit | edit source]

  • Madeline: Hey, sorry. I'm Madeline.
    I've got a lot on my mind.
  • Theo: Well, Madeline, I'd say you've come to the right place!
    I'm freezing my toes off, but I can't imagine a better place to be for some quiet reflection.
  • Madeline: Yeah, maybe you're right.
    What "far off land" do you hail from?
  • Theo: Well, my inquisitive compatriot, I doth hail from the mystical, exotic kingdom of...
  • Madeline: It sounds like a special place.

Third[edit | edit source]

  • Theo: This place is wild!
    Why would an entire city be abandoned?
  • Madeline: I read that some mega-corporation started building it, but then no one wanted to live here.
    I wonder why...
  • Theo: My money's on a government cover-up.
  • Madeline: What a waste, to build all of this for no reason...
  • Theo: At least we get to enjoy the leftovers.

Fourth[edit | edit source]

  • Madeline: Are you here to explore this city?
  • Theo: Yeah, I have a thing for abandoned places.
    And I like to think of myself as a budding photographer.
  • Madeline: Oh really? Cool!
    Do you have a blog or something?
  • Theo: A blog?
    Everyone uses InstaPix now.
    I'm TheoUnderStars, look me up!

Fifth[edit | edit source]

  • Theo: This terrain is pretty tricky, are you turning back soon?
  • Madeline: Nope. I'm heading for the summit.
  • Theo: I can really see the determination in your eyes!
    It's inspiring.
  • Madeline: If you say so.
    I bet you could make it to the summit too.
  • Theo: Maybe.
    I don't really care about reaching the top, TBH.
    Oh! But I heard there are some legit old ruins up beyond the city.
    Like 1800's legit.
    I know it's risky but I have to see them for myself.

Sixth[edit | edit source]

  • Theo: What's that thing you say right before you do something irresponsible?
  • Madeline: Uh... "throw caution to the wind?"
  • Theo: No, that's not it.
    Oh right...


Outro[edit | edit source]

Celeste Mountain: This memorial dedicated to those Who perished on the climb
Celeste Memorial

The following is said by Madeline upon reaching the Celeste Memorial, marking the end of the chapter.

  • Madeline: Ugh, I'm exhausted.

[Madeline makes a campfire and sits down to rest, when a bird swoops in and lands on her head.]

  • Madeline: This might have been a mistake.