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This page contains all dialogues appearing in Celestial Resort.

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Hotel Lobby[edit | edit source]

On the front desk, there is a piece of paper that reads "PLEASE RING FOR SERVICE" over a bell. After hitting the bell, Mr. Oshiro appears.

  • Mr. Oshiro: A ghost? Don't be silly. I am the concierge of this fine establishment. Welcome to the world-renowned Celestial Resort Hotel! Mr. Oshiro, at your service. (Two guests in one day! Business is finally picking up!)How long will you be staying with us?
  • Madeline: Oh... I'm just passing through. I'm climbing the Mountain. Do you have a back exit?
  • Mr. Oshiro: ...a back exit? (Just passing through? This will not do.)
  • Madeline: You know I can still hear you, right?
  • Mr. Oshiro: ... In any case, our rear service door is reserved for hotel staff only. However, our top floor presidential suite features a world-class view of the peak. Yes, you'll be quite comfortable up there.
  • Madeline: Maybe I could get on the roof from there and climb down the back?
  • Mr. Oshiro: (The presidential suite, marvelous idea Oshiro!) What is your name, for our records?
  • Madeline: I'm Madeline. But again, I'm really not interested in staying.
  • Mr. Oshiro: Right this way, Ms. Madeline.

Oshiro then leaves the room. (To add: hitting the bell again?) To the right of the desk is another interactable item, which turns out to be the guest book.

  • It appears to be a very old and dusty guestbook. Many of the pages are damaged or missing. The comments, however, are glowing... "We'll never forget our time here." "I've never felt more at peace. Thank you."

In the Hotel[edit | edit source]

After a few rooms, Oshiro will be standing at the far right of a room, and will initiate a short conversation.

  • Mr. Oshiro: Please follow me closely, Ms. Madeline. The elevator is just down the hall.
  • Madeline: The hotel is in pretty rough shape... Is it really open for business?
  • Mr. Oshiro: Of course we're open! The Celestial Resort Hotel would never close during prime tourism season! (Rough shape? What did she mean by that?)Oh! Please allow me to carry your luggage.
  • Madeline: My bag? No thanks, I'll keep it.
  • Mr. Oshiro: Hmm. Very well. (What a peculiar guest.)

Huge Mess[edit | edit source]

Once Madeline reaches the bridge of books, towels and boxes, Oshiro is there once again.

  • Mr. Oshiro: Ms. Madeline, I really must implore you to keep up. I'm running a world-class establishment here. I don't have time to wait around for meandering guests.
  • Madeline: You really don't have to wait for me, I'm just looking for a way through this place.
  • Mr. Oshiro: (Oshiro you idiot, the customer is always right!) (Business is finally picking up and you lose your temper!?) Oh... of course Ms. Madeline! My sincere apologies, I was out of line. Please, feel free to explore at your leisure.

From here, after Madeline navigates to the center of the room above the key, Oshiro is pacing.

  • Mr. Oshiro: Argh! This clutter is out of control! When did this happen!? I don't even know where to begin...
  • Madeline: Mr. Oshiro, do you run this whole place by yourself?
  • Mr. Oshiro: You're right Ms. Madeline, I'll never sort this mess out alone. It's hopeless.
  • Madeline: That's not what I meant... Just breathe, Mr. Oshiro. Breathe. It's just a little spring cleaning. Well, more than a little... But I can help!
  • Mr. Oshiro: You're too kind. But I wouldn't even bother. It's a lost cause.

From here, the three pathways unlock, and Madeline will choose one of the three sections to clear out. After this, she returns to the main room, where Oshiro is closer to the bottom left of the room this time.

  • Mr. Oshiro: I haven't even begun cleaning and already I feel a renewed lightness of spirit! That's the power of positive thinking!
  • Madeline: Umm, actually... I cleared out some of the clutter for you.
  • Mr. Oshiro: Oh yes, thank you, Ms. Madeline. But please, relax, and let the hotel staff handle it! (Oshiro, you fool. You're losing her.)(Guests don't want to spend their time cleaning!)
  • Madeline: Are you okay?
  • Mr. Oshiro: Yes, of course. This is the finest hotel you'll ever visit, you'll see! (How could I let my problems pile up like this?)

The two remaining pathways will open up, and Madeline will take one of them. After clearing the next segment of the mess, Oshiro will be near the top right of the main room.

  • Madeline: It's looking a lot nicer in here! Can you show me to the exit now?
  • Mr. Oshiro: But Ms. Madeline, you've barely enjoyed the myriad luxuries that our hotel has to offer! We can talk more once I finish cleaning. I'm very busy! (Yes... young people have no respect these days.)
  • Madeline: ...you're welcome, sheesh.

At this point, the final pathway opens up.

At some point, once you take the middle pathway, you run into Theo, who is attempting to pry open a vent grate.

  • Madeline: Theo! Are you a "guest" here too?
  • Theo: Madeline! I am so happy to see you right now. I'm all about spooky mysteries, but this is getting too real.
  • Madeline: Have you talked to Mr. Oshiro? I think he could really use some help.
  • Theo: You think? He's a creepy old weirdo. I bet he's cleaning out a nook to hide our bodies as we speak. I'm gonna crawl through this vent, it's blowing cold air in from outside. Come on!
  • Madeline: Mr. Oshiro's troubled, but... I don't think he wants to hurt us. He just needs to clean up this mess. I want to help him.
  • Theo: Madeline, that's very sweet, but this is dangerous. We need to get out of here and call an expert on creepy old dudes. We aren't prepared for this.
  • Madeline: I think I can get through to him. Go on ahead and I'll catch up with you later.
  • Theo: Man, you're more stubborn than my sister. I thought that was impossible. Take care of yourself.
  • Madeline: Thanks Theo. I'll see you outside.

After clearing the final segment, the key will be available, and Mr. Oshiro will be on the other side of the door.

  • Mr. Oshiro: There you are! You certainly have a knack for wandering off.
  • Madeline: It was tough, but I sorted everything out for you.
  • Mr. Oshiro: The Celestial Resort Hotel extends its gratitude for your assistance, Ms. Madeline. Of course, the staff had the mess under control.
  • Madeline: Oh, sure. Yeah.
  • Mr. Oshiro: (How humiliating.) You must be eager to see your room! It's just up the elevator and down the hall.
  • Madeline: Sure, what the heck. Show me the presidential suite. It sounds lovely.
  • Mr. Oshiro: (Now's your last chance, Oshiro. Don't lose her now.)

Upper Floor[edit | edit source]

Once you climb up the elevator shaft, Theo will poke out from a vent to the right.