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Soft redirects are redirects which have a density of less than 79 links per kilobyte. This number was chosen because it is not equal to any funny number or a sum thereof. Soft redirects are created by lazy editors of Celeste Wiki who can't be bothered to write a comprehensive article about the title of said redirect, or even disable DisplayTitle, which would have mostly negated the necessity of soft redirects. But hey, why would you want to do any of that if you have a great template made specifically for that cause? Soft redirects are like redirects that don't redirect. We use soft redirects when needed, and when not. Using soft redirects properly on Celeste Wiki guarantees your status as autopatrolled (or higher). Did you know the Fandom wiki does not use soft redirects? That's because they just can't soak in this majesty of soft redirecting users where they (don't) need to go. Did you know the russian Celeste wiki does not use soft redirects? Yeah, for the same reason. How about Aurora's Modded Celeste Wiki? Uhh... let's not go with that now. But yeah, they just can't not create fifteen competing standards for a community while large, but not really the largest... I don't blame them. Except the Fandom wiki. The Fandom wiki, while describing every pixel of every room of Celeste, fails to keep the reader interested, so ads (and other bloatware) take that job for them. And ads, if you didn't know, are universally hated on the internet. That, of course, can't be said for soft redirects. They're cool. Use them.

Did you know every soft redirect accounts to the total number of articles, displayed on the Main Page? If you don't believe me, try for yourself! And that means we never run out of space to outperform the Fandom wiki... until DisplayTitle is disabled of course. And since we're so unpredictable, DisplayTitle can be disabled anytime from right now to the heat death of the universe and beyond. Why do we even need DisplayTitle? Why does the MediaWiki need DisplayTitle listed as an extension if it does nothing but confuse the editors? I mean... don't you find it fantastic when the name of the redirect in the article is replaced with the name of the article redirected to? Having alternate names for articles (like Speed and Momentum, 3A and Celestial Resort) is the most typical use for redirects, and DisplayTitle nullifies it. And I can't think of a wiki where this is not needed, or if so, a use case where DisplayTitle will be actually beneficial. Not to mention that it breaks special pages, the "Redirected from" notice, etc. And why do we need it? To have an excuse for making soft redirects! The more soft redirects there are, the more articles there are, and the better our wiki is! There are over 2000 mods in existence: any one can be selected and a soft redirect to Mods made. If you include alternate spellings, vanilla and modded mechanics, community members, and actually write a few meaningful articles, our article count could be OVER 9000. Compare that to one hundred-ish articles on the Fandom wiki and an even smaller number of articles on other Celeste(-related) wikis. On that note, can you imagine that if you click Random page, there is a 98.2% chance of hitting a soft redirect? That would be extremely convenient!


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