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Winter Collab

Creator Winter Collab Team

Winter Collab is a Celeste collab released in March 2021. It is notable for being the second major collab to release, following Spring Collab. The collab features 21 lobby maps, using a new difficulty system from blue to frozen. This collab is recommended for players who can play Expert difficulty maps in Spring Collab 2020.

The most notable feature of the collab are its fusion maps, which take elements of two maps in the collab (e.g., Portal Reef and Distorted) and combine them to create an all-new map with gameplay and decoration from both maps (e.g., Warped Bay). Both base maps must be beaten to attempt a fusion map. Maps are sorted into trios, containing two base maps and a fusion map.

List of maps by trio: (Trio names are unofficial)

Difficulties are listed after map names. All fusion maps are italicised.

Easy trio:

  • Sapphire Summit (Blue)
  • Tempestissimo (Blue)
  • Sapphiretissimo (Blue)

Mine trio:

  • Abandoned Mines
  • Crystal Quarry
  • Opalescent Caverns

Food trio:

  • Cheese Farewell (With Extra Cheese)
  • Candy Cliffs
  • Cheesecake Country

Sky trio:

  • Garden in the Sky
  • Frigid Storm
  • Storm Garden

Puzzle trio:

  • Portal Reef (Red)
  • Distorted
  • Warped Bay

Misc. trio:

  • Tower of the Moon (Green)
  • Momentum Sanctuary (Red)
  • Lunar Ascension (Frozen)

Frozen trio:

  • Starship Ruins (Red)
  • Chaos Complex (Frozen)


  • Winter Collab Fusionside