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This user has collected
190 strawberries!

I joined the wiki cuz the sj wiki was very barren :3
I have created most of the pages for the sj maps and also taken the pictures in the lobby galleries! Yippee!
I don't really like to do golden berries but I do play very hard maps. No hist clears yet though, my hardest is Ivory, and HERE'S PROOF!! I don't like whale stitcher ;-;
I also really don't like webdev which is ironic since well... yeah. I guess you can still see my lack of passion for webdev in the janky and bad look of my user page, but I still will try my best to make good articles when it matters! (As in when it's not just my user page ;p)
My pronouns are she/her and you can find me on discord under the username @programmergirl! (Note: the exclamation mark is not part of the username)