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Template:Unbulleted list

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This template creates unbulleted lists. Each item in the list may have CSS styles added to it individually, by appending a numbered parameter.


Basic usage

{{unbulleted list|first item|second item|third item|...}}

All parameters

{{unbulleted list
|first item|second item|third item|...
|class     = class
|style     = style
|list_style  = style for ul tag
|item_style  = style for all li tags
|item1_style = style for first li tag |item2_style = style for second li tag |...


  • Positional parameters (1, 2, 3...) – these are the list items. If no list items are present, the module will output nothing.
  • class – a custom class for the <div>...</div> tags surrounding the list, e.g. plainlinks.
  • style – a custom CSS style for the <div>...</div> tags surrounding the list, e.g. font-size: 90%;.
  • list_style – a custom CSS style for the <ul>...</ul> tags around the list. The format is the same as for the |style= parameter.
  • item_style – a custom CSS style for all of the list items (the <li>...</li> tags). The format is the same as for the |style= parameter.
  • item1_style, item2_style, item3_style... – custom CSS styles for each of the list items. The format is the same as for the |style= parameter.


Code Result
{{Unbulleted list|entry1|entry2|entry3|entry4|entry5​|entry6|entry7|entry8|entry9}}
  • entry1
  • entry2
  • entry3
  • entry4
  • entry5
  • entry6
  • entry7
  • entry8
  • entry9
{{Unbulleted list|Winner|Runner-up|Third place|item_style=color:blue;}}
  • Winner
  • Runner-up
  • Third place
{{Unbulleted list|Winner|Runner-up|Third place|item1_style=background-color:yellow;|item2_style=background-color:silver;}}
  • Winner
  • Runner-up
  • Third place

Controlling line-breaking

Template {{nbsp}} may be used with {{wbr}} and {{nowrap}} to control line-breaking in bulletless lists, to prevent wrapped long entries from being confused with multiple entries. See Template:Wbr/doc for details.

Wrapping this entire template with {{nowrap}} causes syntax errors. Use |class=nowrap instead.

Technical details

{{Unbulleted list}} works by constructing a div with the CSS class "plainlist" which has the following style (see MediaWiki:Common.css):

.plainlist ul {
    line-height: inherit;
    list-style: none none;
    margin: 0;
.plainlist ul li {
    margin-bottom: 0;
Wikitext Expanded template HTML
{{Unbulleted list
| Example 1
| Example 2
| Example 3
<div class="plainlist"><ul><li>Example 1</li><li>Example 2</li><li>Example 3</li></ul></div>
<div class="plainlist">
<li>Example 1</li>
<li>Example 2</li>
<li>Example 3</li>

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