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Template:Chb provides an easy way to note down different chapters in Celeste, in short form (chapter/level ID). This template is typically not used; a front-end for it, Template:Ch, implements Template:Chb in an easy-to-use way.

The syntax goes as such if you wish to include a side (e.g. 7A):


The syntax is simpler if you do not wish to include a side (e.g. 7):


To mention the prologue, use Pr where the chapter ID normally would be. To mention the epilogue, use Ep. To mention any numbered chapter, use the chapter's number (e.g. "1"). To mention a side, use a single capital letter (e.g. "A").

See also

  • Template:Ch, front-end for this template which does not require splitting the chapter and side values apart, and permits multiple levels
  • Template:Cho, front-end for this template for only mentioning single levels (allows for more granular control)
  • Template:Chn for long-form names (e.g. Expression error: Unrecognized word "a". )