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Required parameters:
  • 1= an image file in the database
  • 2= the size of the image you wish (this may be either "thumb" or 000px - where you replace the 0's with the number of pixels which you wish for the width of the image.
  • 3= the header/title
  • 4= the text content
Supported parameters:
  • id= the id of the div; if you don't know what this is for, don't use it.
  • border= the style attributes for the border (1px solid #aaa by default)
  • bg= the style attributes for the background
  • fg= the colour for the text
  • title-bg= the css background attributes for the title/header
  • title-fg= the colour for the title/header
  • title-align= the align value for the title/header
  • align= the text-align css value for the text
  • width= width of box in pixels or percentage (70% by default)
  • padding= 5px by default

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