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Summit A-Side features 47 red strawberries and a golden strawberry. Additionally, one crystal heart and one cassette tape can be found. This page is a guide on how to obtain all the collectibles hidden within.

Crystal Heart[edit | edit source]

The summit houses the hardest-to-find crystal heart in the game. You will need to Collect 6 Gems, one in each subchapter: Start, 500 M, 1000 M, 1500 M, 2000 M, and 2500 M. Once you collect all of the Gems you can Find the crystal heart in a hidden room near the start of 3000 M

Gem 1[edit | edit source]

The very first Gem can be found During the Start subchapter. Head all the way to the last room, and right before you take the badeline booster to 500 M go all the way right to find the first gem.

Gem 2[edit | edit source]

The second gem can be found at 500 M. Get to the 3rd Room and head left of strawberry 5 and exit into the room on the left. Now in a tall room containing strawberry 6 head right of strawberry 6 into a room containing a lot of zippers and spikes. Near the end of this room head down the small crack into the floor and you will find yourself in the gem room. This gem is a refrence to the last of the order from Towerfall.

Gem 3[edit | edit source]

The 3rd gem can be found at 1000 M. After a few rooms you will find yourself in a large room containing many dream blocks, immediately head up, exiting though the first opening in the top of the room. Now in a taller room dash tough the 2nd Dream block on the right to find a secret room containing strawberry 13. From here head up and right between the first two deamblocks you find there is a smash-able wall leading into the gem room.

Gem 4[edit | edit source]

The 4th Gem can be found at 1500 M. In a long horizontal room containing a torch switch. Near the end of the room you can find a hidden path leading to the gem room.

The gem is a refrence to the turncloak soldier from Towerfall.

Gem 5[edit | edit source]

The 5th Gem can be found at 2000 M. Get to the second room and head left to find a large pit with no obvious direction go. Head straight up above the spikes to revival a place to stand. Then dash left into the next room, from there go under and around the stalactite then straight up to find another place to stand. From here head left and up existing the room from the top and you will find yourself in the gem room. This one is a refrence to the assassin prince from Towerfall.

Gem 6[edit | edit source]

The 6th and final Gem can be found at 2500 M. Take the first Red Bubble and head left smashing though the wall. Now in the room containing strawberry 33 take the Red Bubble in there and go right smashing though the wall. Stay in the bubble going all the way right, when landing immediately head up into a long horizontal room. continue all the way to the end of this room to find the final gem, being a refrence to the ancient exile from Towerfall.

Collecting the Crystal Heart[edit | edit source]

Once you have collected all 6 Gems you can find the Crystal Heart at 3000 M. The Crystal Heart room can be found just right of flag 28. A wall with a small gap beneath can be found; dash in there to head towards the Crystal Heart room.

Cassette Tape[edit | edit source]

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