Strawberry Jam Collab/World Abyss

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World Abyss

Creator TheDavSmasher
Collab Strawberry Jam Collab
Strawberries 0 1
Difficulty Grandmaster
Soundtrack Polarity of Chaos, Silence of the Abyss, "Forever, In Time"

World Abyss is a red Grandmaster map made by Dav. The map is themed like the distortion world from Pokemon Platinum. World Abyss is also intended to be a sequel to the spring collab map, Temporal Tower. Therefore, the gameplay similarly uses a lot of springs and button tech. However, the main focus of the map is the autoscrollers, which will require the player to activate and maneuver between them in very creative ways. This creates gameplay similar to Temporal Tower while not being locked to one area, instead moving up or across the screen.