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Creator elio, Soloiini & more
Collab Strawberry Jam Collab
Strawberries 2 1
Difficulty Grandmaster
Soundtrack Reach for the Summit

summit is a red Grandmaster map made by TheMathGuy. The map uses the same theme as The Summit from the base game of Celeste. However, each section of the map is only one room, except for 3000m. The last section of the map has four flags for the player to complete before they can collect the heart.

According to Gamation, one of the playtesters for Strawberry Jam's Grandmaster levels, the map was originally envisioned by TheMathGuy as a map called "Celeste's Apex" as a "puzzly sequel" to their map D1D7. At first, each map had a gem room (with the gems that can be found in Summit to unlock the Crystal Heart) and an extra room called "Fore" with Farewell and Core gameplay that could be unlocked after collecting all the gems, but these ideas were eventually scrapped, with the gem rooms eventually being turned into berry rooms at 2000m (Golden Ridge segment) and 2501m (second Mirror Temple segment).

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