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Creator mosscairn
Collab Strawberry Jam Collab
Strawberries 4 1
Difficulty Beginner
Soundtrack going on a walk to take my mind off things for a bit

paint is a beginner yellow map created by mosscairn. It uses entities that move on the beats of the music, larger lightbulb-themed dash switches and gates that refill Maddy's dash when pressed, and paintbrushes firing lethal paint in a direction. The aesthetic of the map is very paint-like, hence the name. The map has been widely acclaimed for its amazing visuals.

Story[edit | edit source]

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paint opens with Madeline waking up exhausted and Badeline inviting her to go outside and take a break from a project she's working on. Madeline does so, going on a "quick" walk before going back to work. This walk takes her through a beautiful town with a paint-like aesthetic inhabited by cat-like creatures. After a while, Madeline gets tired, and Badeline says that they need to slow down. Madeline insists that she's fine, and asks if this is about more than the walk. Badeline questions if they should stop working on the project, as it isn't healthy. Madeline continues, saying that she isn't just going to give up and that she needs to see it through. Badeline disappears, and the walk continues.

Later on, Badeline launches Maddy up towards a bus, which she enters. Madeline thinks about the earlier conversation, wondering if Badeline was right and if she should just give up on the project. Madeline fears that she'll never be happy with the project, no matter how much she puts into it. Badeline comforts her, saying that maybe she's right, but they still care about this a lot. And that is enough.

Madeline, now with two dashes, exits the bus into an even more beautiful area of the town. This is the final section of paint, with seven checkpoint flags leading to Badeline boosting Maddy up back towards her home. Arriving home, Badeline asks if Maddy's ready to try again, which Madeline will do after getting lunch first. The mini crystal heart also appears in Madeline's home, and can be collected to end the map.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • paint's music was implemented as cassette music, which is rather technically impressive.
  • The inhabitants of paint's town are canonically called "dream dwellers" and internally named "frens".