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Pausebuffering is a technique where inputs are done via repeated pausing and un-pausing of the game.

This allows you to input frame perfectly if done precisely.

You cannot immediately pause again after unpausing and must wait a while, here are the frame timings for repeatedly pause buffering a single input

You unpause on frame 0, it takes in total 10 frames before control is returned.

Frame Status
0 Starting to unpause. Control is removed.
1 No control
2 No control
3 No control
4 No control
5 No control
6 No control, first frame you could buffer pause (start holding it) and inputs (you can hold both they should be accepted)
7 No control, second frame of buffer
8 No control, third frame of buffer
9 No control, fourth frame of buffer
10 Control returned; first frame of gameplay resumed, fifth frame of buffer
11 First frame that you can pause if the button is held down.

Since you can start holding pause from frame 6 till 11 the buffer window for a pausebuffer is 6 frames (5+1).

This works because pausing is instant and the game will pause on frame 11 before executing the frame of gameplay.