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Old Site A-Side's features 18 red strawberries and a golden strawberry. Additionally, one crystal heart and one cassette tape can be found. This page is a guide on how to obtain all the collectibles hidden within.

Crystal Heart[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of Old Site, when you first spawn, you'll want to dash up-right into where the screen changes to another one, and then dash up-left as soon as you are there. Your dashes automatically refill when you change rooms, no matter whether you are mid-air or no; as such, you'll need to exploit this in order to ensure that Madeline collects the crystal heart. Upon boosting upwards sufficiently so you can grab onto the wall at the up-right corner of the screen in the first room (the one with the campfire), you'll want to climb upwards. The second room that follows has no platform; you'll want to climb upwards, then dash upwards as soon as your stamina falls to zero; neutral jumps also work. After making it upwards to a third room, you'll want to dash up-leftwards; as soon as you fall back into the 2nd room, dash back up again so you re-enter the room you want to be in. At the left of the aforementioned 3rd room is a wall; latch onto it and climb up. The Crystal Heart awaits for you above.

Cassette Tape[edit | edit source]

After unlocking the Dream Blocks (after shattering the mirror), head back towards the central room you initially were in; all the previously deactivated dream blocks are now functional. You'll want to head to the bottom of said room, at the center; a dream block is placed in the floor. Dash downwards, and head to the room below: that room is a cassette room. Collecting the cassette unlocks Old Site.

Strawberries[edit | edit source]

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