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  • Public domain license
    • CC0|Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Dedication
    • Wtfpl|Do What The Fuck You Want Public License
  • Creative Commons 4.0 licenses
    • Cc-by-4.0|Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
    • Cc-by-sa-4.0|Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike v4.0
    • Cc-by-nc-4.0|Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial v4.0
    • Cc-by-nc-sa-4.0|Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial-ShareAlike v4.0
    • Cc-by-nc-nd-4.0|Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial NoDerivs v4.0
  • GNU licenses
    • GPL|GNU General Public License v2+
    • Lgpl2|GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1+
  • Celeste assets
    • Celesteasset|Celeste game asset
    • Celestescreenshot|Celeste game screenshot
  • Modded game
    • GameBanana asset|File from GameBanana
    • Modscreenshot|Modded Celeste screenshot
    • SJCasset|Strawberry Jam Collab asset
  • Old Creative Commons licenses
    • Cc-by-3.0|Creative Commons Attribution v3.0 Unported
    • Cc-by-2.0|Creative Commons Attribution v2.0 Generic
  • Fair use
    • Unfairuse|Fair use (rationale required)