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A hyperdash as depicted in Celeste's manual.

Hyperdashes are a tech that allows Madeline to perform a hop that's short in height but long in distance, allowing her to move much faster and cross long but narrow gaps. The tech is introduced and required solely in Core C-Side but can be used on most other levels. To do it, the player has to crouch, diagonally dash into the ground, and jump right after to jump much further than normally.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

Hyperdashes grant 325 speed.

Other variants[edit | edit source]

Extended Hyper[edit | edit source]

Extended hyperdashes involve a short delay between the moment Madeline starts dashing and the moment she starts jumping. Extended hyperdashes require more space than a regular one, but allow her to regain her dash. Wavedashes are a variation of extended hyperdashes, and vice versa.

Dream Hyper[edit | edit source]

A Dream Hyper is a hyperdash done right after leaving a dream block. It uses coyote time from normal dream jumps that makes this move possible with quick enough reaction time. Unlike a regular dream jump, the dash and jump need to be done after leaving the block, but the directional inputs can be buffered.

Bubble Hyper[edit | edit source]

A Bubble Hyper is a peculiar type of hyperdash that can be done from coyote time when entering a bubble. To do it, the player has to dash into the bubble from the ground, and then buffer the hyper inputs right before entering it. If done properly, the bubble will pop immediately upon entering, and Madeline will hyperdash out of it. The dash especially is important, as the trick won't work if the player is already in the bubble, and they have to quickly launch it to be able to do the hyper inputs in time.

Demohyper[edit | edit source]

A Demohyper is an alternate way to hyperdash with a demodash or a demo bind. Because of the crouched hitbox, the game will change a normally occurring superdash into a hyperdash. This tech makes it possible to perform mid-air hyperdashes off platforms.

Core Hyper[edit | edit source]

A Core Hyper works very similarly to a Dream Hyper, but it's done from the coyote time given after a Core Block breaks. Because of that, it's possible to do the Hyperdash inputs, allowing Madeline to do a Hyper from air. Unlike Dream Hypers, a Core Hyper launches the player much further, as the momentum stacks with the Core Block boost.