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<languages /> Template:PD Help Page <translate> User rights and user groups form the backbone of MediaWiki's user permissions system. </translate>

<translate> User rights give you permission to do certain tasks – for example, the <tvar|edit>edit</> right allows you to edit unprotected pages, and the <tvar|delete>delete</> right allows you to delete pages.</translate> <translate> User rights are bundled into user groups, which correspond to the various roles on the wiki – for example, <tvar|users>Template:Int</>, <tvar|admins>Template:Int</>, and <tvar|bots>Template:Int</>.</translate>

<translate> All users on a wiki belong to the "<tvar|users>Template:Int</>" group by default.</translate> <translate> Privileged users (normally bureaucrats) may assign users to one or more additional user groups.</translate>


User rights and groups on your wiki[edit source]

By default, MediaWiki wikis come with six user groups: </translate>

  • Template:Int – <translate> applies to every visitor to your site, including those who do not log in</translate>
  • Template:Int – <translate> applies to all logged-in users</translate>
  • Template:Int – <translate> applies to all logged-in users who meet [[<tvar|1>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Autoconfirmed users</>|certain thresholds]]</translate>
  • Template:Ll – <translate> can be assigned to bots, in order to allow users to hide bot edits from recent changes or watchlists</translate>
  • Template:Ll – <translate> can be assigned to trusted users, giving them permission to perform key administrative tasks such as [[<tvar|1>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Deletion and undeletion</>|deletion]], [[<tvar|2>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Blocking users</>|user blocking]], [[<tvar|3>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Protecting and unprotecting pages</>|page protection]], and editing the interface</translate>
  • Template:Int – <translate> can be assigned to trusted users, giving them permission to assign/revoke user groups</translate>

<translate> The first three groups are "implicit" groups, which are assigned to users automatically as required.</translate> <translate> Only the last three groups can be manually assigned or revoked.</translate>

<translate> The <tvar|rights>Special:ListGroupRights</> special page lists the user groups that exist on a wiki, and lists the rights that are assigned to those groups.

Checking your user groups[edit source]

To check which user groups your account belongs to, do one of the following:


<translate> The latter two techniques can also be used to view the user groups of other users.

Modifying the way user rights and groups are set up[edit source]

</translate> <translate> To create new user groups or change the rights that are assigned to a group, it is necessary to change the wiki's configuration, which can only be done by server administrators.</translate> <translate> Contact your site's server administrator for more information, or visit <tvar|1>Template:Ll</>.</translate>


Assigning and revoking user groups[edit source]

Adding and removing user groups is done using the <tvar|rights>Special:UserRights</> special page.

For regular users, <tvar|rights>Special:UserRights</> is read-only.</translate>

<translate> If you would like to join a new group or leave one you are already in, contact a bureaucrat on your wiki.</translate> <translate> A list of bureaucrats can be found at <tvar|1>Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat</>.</translate>

<translate> You will be able to assign or revoke user groups when at least one of the following applies:

  • You belong to a user group with the <tvar|rights>userrights</> right.</translate> <translate> This right is assigned to bureaucrats on most wikis.</translate>


  • You belong to a user group that is specifically allowed to add and/or remove a specific set of user groups.</translate>


  • You are viewing <tvar|rights>Special:UserRights</> for your own account, and you belong to a user group that has permission to assign user groups to your own account only.

See the page <tvar|man>Template:Ll</> for further details.

User group expiry[edit source]

</translate> Template:MW 1.29 <translate> A user may be assigned to a user group for a limited duration.</translate> <translate> This can be done by selecting a duration from the "<tvar|expires>Template:Int</>" drop-down menu.</translate> <translate> Alternatively, you can select "<tvar|other>Template:Int</>" and enter your own time period in the box.</translate> <translate> Relative periods like "<tvar|1>10 weeks</>", as well as absolute dates or times like "<tvar|2>2020-12-31</>", are accepted.</translate>

<translate> When the expiry time arrives, the user is no longer considered to be a member of that group.</translate> <translate> No log entry is written at that time, similar to what happens when a user's block or a page's protection expires.</translate>

<translate> If you have permission to add a certain user group, but not to remove it, you may only move that group's expiry time further into the future (that is, lengthen the user's membership of that group).</translate> <translate> This is to prevent the circumvention of restrictions on removing groups by changing the expiry to (say) 1 second.</translate> <translate> When this restriction exists, the "<tvar|1>#</>" symbol appears next to the name of the user group.</translate>



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