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<languages /> Template:PD Help Page <translate> Tracking categories are a feature of MediaWiki that allows pages with certain characteristics to be tracked. It works by adding any such page to a category automatically. </translate>

<translate> Since [[<tvar|1>Special:MyLanguage/MediaWiki 1.23</>|MediaWiki 1.23]], tracking categories are listed in the <tvar|2>Template:Ll</> configuration variable, and can be viewed on <tvar|3>Special:TrackingCategories</>.</translate> <translate> Since MediaWiki 1.25, tracking categories, which are added by MediaWiki itself, are hard-coded in the MediaWiki source code, and <tvar|1>Template:Ll</> is kept for backwards compatibility.</translate>

<translate> What category to use is determined by the tracking category's [[<tvar|1>Special:MyLanguage/Help:System message</>|system message]], that is, a page in MediaWiki namespace. If the message is a single hyphen-minus (-), then the tracking category is disabled. Often wiki admins mark such categories as hidden (using the <tvar|2>__HIDDENCAT__</> [[<tvar|magic>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Magic words</>|magic word]]), since they are meant for maintenance and not general consumption. Some sites use <tvar|3>Template:Ll</> to modify which category is used based on namespace, but that doesn't work properly until 1.19.

Some wikis add custom tracking categories via some hacks, for instance [[<tvar|1>w:it:Categoria:Pagine con errori nelle espressioni</>|this category]], which tracks pages with <tvar|2>#expr</> errors, added through the [[<tvar|3>w:it:Special:PrefixIndex/MediaWiki:Pfunc expr</>|relevant errors]] shown on such pages.

Core[edit source]

The following tracking categories are added by MediaWiki itself, or have been in the past. </translate>

<translate> Default category</translate> <translate> Message</translate> <translate> What triggers the category's inclusion</translate> <translate> Version</translate>
Template:Int expensive-parserfunction-category Template:Int
<translate> This tracking category replaced <tvar|2>pfunc_max_ifexist_category</>, which was added by <tvar|1>Template:Ll</>.</translate>
Template:Int post-expand-template-argument-category Template:Int 1.13
Template:Int post-expand-template-inclusion-category Template:Int 1.13
Template:Int noindex-category Template:Int 1.15
Template:Int index-category Template:Int 1.15
Template:Int hidden-category-category Template:Int 1.13
Template:Int broken-file-category Template:Int
<translate> This does not include links to files on the bad image list, files that cannot be displayed inline (due to lack of handler support), links directly to a file page (by preceding with a colon, e.g. <tvar|1>[[:File:Example.png]]</>). The category, if enabled, is linked from [[<tvar|2>Special:Wantedfiles</>]] since 1.19.</translate>
Template:Int duplicate-args-category Template:Int 1.25
Template:Int node-count-exceeded-category Template:Int 1.24
Template:Int expansion-depth-exceeded-category Template:Int 1.24
Template:Int restricted-displaytitle-ignored Template:Int 1.28
<translate> Pages using invalid self-closed HTML tags</translate> deprecated-self-close-category 1><b /></> or <tvar|2><span /></>.</translate> <translate> The behavior of these will change soon to be consistent with the HTML5 specification, so their use in wikitext is deprecated.</translate> 1.28 Template:Removed-inline
Template:Int template-loop-category Template:Int 1.29
Template:Int magiclink-tracking-isbn Template:Int
<translate> This tracking category is only added if <tvar|1>Template:Ll</> is true.</translate>
Template:Int magiclink-tracking-rfc Template:Int
<translate> This tracking category is only added if <tvar|1>Template:Ll</> is true.</translate>
Template:Int magiclink-tracking-pmid Template:Int
<translate> This tracking category is only added if <tvar|1>Template:Ll</> is true.</translate>
Template:Int template-equals-category Template:Int 1.36
Template:Int nonnumeric-formatnum Template:Int 1.36


Extensions[edit source]

</translate> <translate> The following tracking categories are added by extensions, or have been in the past.</translate> <translate> Extensions can add new tracking categories using the {{<tvar|1>ll|Manual:Extension registration</>|extension registration system}}.</translate> <translate> Prior to 1.25, this was instead done via <tvar|1>Template:Class doclink</>, with the tracking category name added to <tvar|2>Template:Ll</>.</translate>

<translate> Default category</translate> <translate> Message</translate> <translate> What triggers the category's inclusion</translate> <translate> Added by extension</translate> <translate> Version</translate>
<translate> Pages with too many ifexist calls</translate> [1] pfunc_max_ifexist_category 1>expensive-parserfunction-category</>, which is added by core.</translate> <translate> The messages for the tracking category and its description were removed in <tvar|1>rev:32965</>.</translate> Template:Ll Template:Removed-inline
Template:Int syntaxhighlight-error-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.26
Template:Int timeline-tracking-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.32
Template:Int cite-tracking-category-cite-error Template:Int Template:Ll 1.27
Template:Int score-error-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.22
Template:Int templatestyles-stylesheet-error-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.32
Template:Int templatestyles-page-error-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.32
Template:Int massmessage-list-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.24
Template:Int commonsmetadata-trackingcategory-no-license Template:Int Template:Ll 1.25
Template:Int commonsmetadata-trackingcategory-no-description Template:Int Template:Ll 1.25
Template:Int commonsmetadata-trackingcategory-no-author Template:Int Template:Ll 1.25
Template:Int commonsmetadata-trackingcategory-no-source Template:Int Template:Ll 1.25
Template:Int commonsmetadata-trackingcategory-no-patent Template:Int Template:Ll 1.31
Template:Int math-tracking-category-error Template:Int Template:Ll 1.28
Template:Int math-tracking-category-render-error Template:Int Template:Ll 1.30
Template:Int geodata-broken-tags-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.19
Template:Int geodata-unknown-globe-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.19
Template:Int geodata-unknown-region-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.19
Template:Int geodata-unknown-type-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.19
Template:Int scribunto-common-error-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.19
Template:Int scribunto-module-with-errors-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.23
Template:Int cx-unreviewed-translation-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.33
Template:Int graph-tracking-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.26
Template:Int graph-obsolete-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.27
Template:Int graph-broken-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.26
Template:Int kartographer-tracking-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.27
Template:Int kartographer-broken-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.27
Template:Int unresolved-property-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.29
Template:Int connected-redirect-category Template:Int Template:Ll 1.31

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