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<languages/> Template:PD Help Page <translate> Protecting and unprotecting pages is very straightforward, but these operations require [[<tvar|help-sysop-perm>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Sysops and permissions</>|sysop permissions]] or other users with the appropriate rights.

You can designate a page as a [[<tvar|help-protected-pages>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Protected pages</>|protected page]] by clicking the 'Protect page' tab ('protect' in the drop-down menu in Vector skin), and supplying a comment (a brief textual description of why you are protecting the page). </translate>

<translate> There are several reasons why a particular page might be protected.</translate> <translate> On public wikis, a protected page is usually one which has been repeatedly targeted with vandalism, or where it is believed that any vandalism would have an unusually severe impact.</translate> <translate> On corporate wikis, a page may be protected when the content has been frozen via an approval process.</translate> <translate> However there are also many good reasons for not protecting pages.</translate> <translate> For instance, it may hinder useful contributions by impacted users.</translate> <translate> As a sysop you must make this choice, and use your privileges appropriately.</translate>

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