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<translate> PermanentLink is a [[<tvar|special>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Special pages</>|special page]] that allows users to create internal links to a specific revision. Revision numbers can be found in each page's edit history.

Such links are a little slower to load compared to external links but easier to type and they work in some places where external links do not, e.g. edit summaries.

Note that it is very common to see links to specific revisions implemented as external links because it is easy to cut-and-paste an entire URL to form an external link rather than creating an internal link using this special page.

Usage[edit source]

  • <tvar|code>[[Special:PermanentLink/1242287]]Special:PermanentLink/1242287</> - Shows the link to a specific revision of the page where the revision number occurred in it's edit history.

These links may be used in the edit summary as well as adapted like any other internal links, e.g. [[Special:PermanentLink/2700992|see this revision]]see this revision. </translate>