Dream Blocks

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Dream Blocks

Other names Space Jam
Found in 2  •  7A  •  7B
8B  •  8C  •  9

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Dream Blocks are highly versatile blocks which are introduced in Old Site. They allow Madeline to pass them from one side of the block to another by dashing into them. Upon leaving, the dash is immediately refilled, allowing for fast and smooth movement.

In Old Site A-Side, Dream Blocks appear deactivated at the start, with a paler-looking texture and a glass-like sound played when Madeline walks on them or interacts with them. They behave very similarly to regular solids, and it's only possible to dash through them if the mirror cutscene is activated. In other chapters, they can be passed through from the start.

They're used very often as a faster and more versatile way to cross larger gaps, as well as for various speedrunning tech to cross specific obstacles. Some of them also float back and forth, forming various platforming puzzles and challenges. If the player dashes into a wall through one of the blocks, Madeline crashes into the wall and dies, unless the player has invincibility on, which will cause her to bounce back to the initial position.

Tech[edit | edit source]

Being inside the Dream Block counts as staying on the ground, allowing players to perform tricks such as Hyperdashes to jump with extra speed. They also have a large window to do a regular Dream Jump, allowing the player to buffer the input, making more complicated tricks like Dream Double Jumps possible.

Dream Jumps consist of multiple-frame windows: buffer, freeze, exit, and coyote frames, summing up to a 13-frame window to perform the jump. However, some tricks cannot be buffered and are only possible in exit or coyote frames, making the inputs 4-to-8-frame windows.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite the entities being called Dream Blocks by the majority of the community, they're called "Space Jam" in the game files.
  • Even though 8A has no Dream Blocks whatsoever, they appear in small amounts in both 8B and 8C. They do not refill Madeline's dash inside the Core, unlike Feather.
  • Dream Blocks refill your dash after you exit the block, not during Madeline's movement within.
  • In some modded maps, the possibility of redirecting one's dash via crystals positioned inside the dream block (Dream Redirects) exists. This mod-exclusive tech additionally enables building up extra speed.
  • Due to the fact Dream Blocks are apparent in The Summit, a lot of players discussed the possibility that what occurred throughout might have taken in a dream. The same reasoning can be applied to 8B and 8C, although they are not considered canon.
  • During Farewell's early development, there used to be dark glass blocks with colorful shapes as decoration. They were eventually scrapped and left in the game files, possibly to prevent players from confusing them with Dream Blocks.