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Clouds are a mechanic first introduced in the Golden Ridge chapter. They allow Madeline to gain some serious vertical height if used correctly. When Madeline lands on a cloud, it will bounce up and down until Madeline leaves the surface. If she jumps at the peak of the cloud movement upwards, she'll get boosted the highest. There are Blue and Pink clouds, Blue clouds will bounce indefinitely, and Madeline can jump off of them as many times as she wants. Pink clouds will only bounce once, after which they will disappear and will take a while to respawn. Pink clouds also look slightly thinner than Blue clouds.

The two varieties of clouds in Celeste, the fragile pink cloud (top), and the default blue cloud (bottom)

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Occurrences[edit | edit source]

In vanilla Celeste, Clouds are present in:

  • All of the Golden Ridge chapters (4A, 4B, and 4C).
  • All of the Summit chapters.
  • 8B and 8C.
  • Farewell.