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Mediawiki offers a feature called interwikis, which allow for treating links to other wikis, such as Wikipedia, as internal links. The interwiki links are called upon using what appears to look like namespaces, such as [[w:Wikipedia]].

Only Interwiki Administrators are able to edit the interwiki table. Interwiki permissions requires asking either a steward or global interwiki administrator on the Miraheze noticeboard; asking another admin, or even Celeste, founder of this wiki, won't suffice, unless a bureaucrat has won a local election on this wiki (usually at this page's talkpage) and Stewards have been advised to assess said election to ensure it meets the requirements. On 1 February 2021, Celeste was declared elected by a Steward, and now serves as a local interwiki administrator for this wiki; she currently remains the only bureaucrat/empress on this wiki.

See Interwiki administrators on Miraheze Meta for more information.