Celeste D-Sides (Arphimigon)

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Arphimigon's D-Sides
Creator Arphimigon
Type Campaign
Dependencies Arphimigon's Toy Box
Link GameBanana

Arphimigon's D-Sides is a D-Sides pack made by Arphimigon. The D-Sides in this pack are longer and harder versions of Celeste's main chapters, though unlike Monika's D-Sides, they are easier and actually designed to be playable after the C-Sides. It has sometimes been praised for being more vanilla-style than Moni's D-Sides. Golden strawberries in this mod are replaced with shielded golden/bronze strawberries, which have a shield allowing Madeline to die once per room. After collecting the shielded golden berry, there is a "Mind Field" section which can then be accessed via checkpoint select.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Arphimigon's D-Sides were initially made because Arphimigon thought Monika's D-Sides were too hard.
  • Arphimigon, the creator of this mod, also made up the word "Arphimigon", which means "An object or idea that becomes more detailed upon closer inspection". This describes the mod's lore surprisingly well.