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Acronym Meaning
Name of acronym

Any other acronyms for it that are less used

Meaning of the acronym

[int] signifies a spot that is replaced with a whole number. Example: [int]d could be 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d...

[string] signifies a spot that is replaced with any kind of text. Example: -[string] is the general name for all "sides" (A-Sides, B-Sides, C-Sides, CC-Sides, Th-Sides, Phi-Sides,...)

"-" means that the acronym is used as a prefix or suffix. The - is replaced with the other information.

Example prefix: "a-" -> "a2d", Example suffix: "-fc" -> "7fc"

Vanilla[edit | edit source]

Vanilla levels
Acronym Reference
1 Forsaken City
2 Old Site
3 Celestial Resort
4 Golden Ridge
5 Mirror Temple
6 Reflection
7 The Summit
8 Core


Vanilla checkpoints
Acronym Checkpoint
sg Singular
ps Power Source
rm Remembered
eh Event Horizon
dt Determination
st Stubbornness
rc Reconciliation


Other vanilla acronyms
Acronym Meaning
cp Checkpoint
rtm Return to map

s&q saq

Save and quit
-a A-Side
-b B-Side
-c C-Side
-fc Full Clear
-tfc True Full Clear
-g Golden Strawberry


Winged Golden Strawberry
mb Moon Berry

Modded[edit | edit source]

Collaboration and contest names
Acronym Meaning Other additional acronyms
abc Arphimigon's Birthday Collab
abzvm ABuffZucchini's Various Maps
crc Comb Room Collab
dbc Dream Block Contest
dc Dream Collab
flcc Flusheline Community Collab
flp Frogeline Project
grc Guest Room Collab
hc Height Contest
mwc Midway Contest
nsssc Not-So-Secret-Santa Collab nsc
pdbc Parrot Dash Birthday Collab

sc20 sc2020

Spring Collab sc20, sc2020

sj21 sj2021

Strawberry Jam sj21, sj2021
ssc Secret Santa Collab
stc Startup Contest
ubc Unexpected Behaviour Contest
vdc Valentine's Day Contest

wc21 wc2021

Winter Collab wc21, wc2021
woc Wounce Collab
zmc Zip Mover Contest
Campaign names
Acronym Campaign Author
cota Cavern of the Ancients Exudias
gtts Gate to the Stars marshall

j- (individual maps)

Into the Jungle Various
lr Lunar Ruins Tomonn
pd Polygon Dreams orbittwz
sn Smaerd Nogylop orbittwz
a- -d


Arphimigon's D-Sides pack Arphimigon
-cc Ezel's CC-Sides pack Ezel

m- -d

Monika's D-Sides pack Monika
-tas Vitellary's TAS-Sides (Unreleased) Vitellary
Notable collaboration and contest maps
Acronym Map Map pack Author
acp Above Celeste's Peak Spring Collab
ahs Advanced Heartside Spring Collab Various
au Aquatic Underground Spring Collab
bhs Beginner Heartside Spring Collab Various
bio Booster in Orbit Spring Collab
cc Chaos Complex Winter Collab
cm Cycle Madness Spring Collab
cotk Crypt of the Kevins Spring Collab
e418 Error 418 Spring Collab
ee Electric Exuberance Spring Collab


Expert Heartside Spring Collab Various
fota Forest of the Ancients Spring Collab iamdadbod
fs Ferocious Sanctuary Spring Collab iamdadbod
hots Heart of the Storm Spring Collab
ihs Intermediate Heartside Spring Collab Various
kkdk KoKoDoKo? Spring Collab
mjattoz Madelina Jones and the Temple of Zoom Spring Collab
mm Major Malfunction Spring Collab


New Grandmaster Heartside Spring Collab Various
njc New Jank City Spring Collab

gmhs (pre-2021)

Old Grandmaster Heartside Spring Collab Various
oom Old Ones' Mausoleum Secret Santa Collab
otr Olden Tower Ruins Spring Collab iamdadbod
sex Solar Express Strawberry Jam Various
sr Starship Ruins Winter Collab
tt Temporal Tower Spring Collab
th Theo Hell Spring Collab
th90 TheHeck90 Spring Collab
toj Trenches of Jellies Spring Collab
totk Temple of the Kevins Spring Collab
trtr Tripeak Trail Spring Collab
ud Ultra Difficult Spring Collab
wcfs Winter Collab Fusionside Winter Collab Various
cotm City on the Moon Lunar Ruins Tomonn


Final Goodbye Monika's D-Sides Monika
rff Run for Freedom Asleep Evilleafy
sr Space Ruins Lunar Ruins Tomonn
totm Temple of the Moon Lunar Ruins Tomonn
Notable standalone maps
Acronym Map Author(s)


5B Garbage Version Monika
a Abyss[1] Indecx
aa Avian Ascension Parrot Dash
afm Another Farewell Map Banana23


Another Farewell Map B-Side Banana23


Another Farewell Map CC-Side AstralightSky
c Calypta[1] Luma
cg Crystal Garden Etpio
cmgv Cycle Madness Garbage Version DeathKontrol and TheMathGuy
cp Conqueror's Peak Ricky
cv Crystal Void Etpio
dc Delusional Canopy ABuffZucchini
dmr Darkmoon Ruins Cabob and Ru
fs+ Ferocious Sanctuary+ iamdadbod
g Glyph[1] marshall
maq Midnight Aquarium eldritchdamsel
mawn Magnetic Dawn Firethief1
mbwn Magnetic Dawn B-Side Firethief1
motu Moon of the Ultras Rifts
mte Mount Everest Indecx
otr+ Olden Tower Ruins+ iamdadbod
s Solaris[1] Donker19
se Summit Encore LethargicDoggo
sh Strawberry Hunter motonine
socm The Secret of Celeste Mountain Xaphan
sp Summit Prologue deskilln
sr Sunset Rise Ezel
ss Static Shift ABuffZucchini
wm Waterbear Mountain Tardigrade
Notable Checkpoints
Acronym Checkpoint Map Author(s)
GotM Goodbye of the Mountain Core checkpoint in 9d Monika
Other notable modded content
Acronym Meaning
ae Atmospheric Edge (from Waterbear Mountain)
anv A Nice View (from Heart of the Storm)
bsb Bronze Speedberry
dlbl Deathless berryless
dts Dash Trigger Skip
gsb Golden Speedberry
ssb Silver Speedberry
-gv Garbage Version
-hs Heartside
-s Silver Strawberry
-sb Special Berry
-r Rainbow Strawberry
General modded content
Acronym type Meaning Example
-[int]d [int] dashes gtts1d Gate to the Stars [with] 1 Dash
-[string] [string]-side of a chapter 3l Celestial Resort L-Side
reversed acronym Backwards/Etselec map a6 Noitcelfer
Tech abbreviations
Acronym Alternative Meaning
roboboost mb6fbhsphdrcb "moving block 6 frame bunny hop sub pixel hyper dash reverse corner boost" a tas only method to get a lot of speed on a moving block
General content
Acronym Type Meaning
TAS Tool Assisted Speedrun, generally refers to tools that are used to input "perfect" gameplay into Celeste (frame by frame inputs)
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Only used in context of Full Clear Golden Strawberry runs