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Reflection's A-side features no red strawberries; however it still includes one crystal heart and one cassette tape. A golden strawberry is also present.

Crystal Heart[edit | edit source]

The dash code puzzle found in Reflection

To get the crystal heart, you will need to solve a dash code similar to the one found in Forsaken City. To reach the room with the puzzle, use the hidden feather near the end of the very first room in "Hollows" and then head up left. There are four torch's you need to light up for the crystal heart to spawn. To solve the puzzle, you need to look back to the birds from the dash puzzle in Forsaken City. For the first torch you need to dash in the same direction as the birds in the order the colors show in the crystal heart room: White, Purple, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow. Following the birds movements this would have you dashing Up, Left, Lower-Right, Upper-Right, Left, Upper-Left. For the second torch, use the same pattern but reverse the left and right directions, and for the third torch reverse the up and down directions. Lastly, for the fourth torch reverse all directions. There is no time limit and you can light up the torches in any order.

Dash Inputs

  • Torch 1: ↑  ←  ↘  ↗  ←  ↖
  • Torch 2: ↑  →  ↙  ↖  →  ↗
  • Torch 3: ↓  ←  ↗  ↘  ←  ↙
  • Torch 4: ↓  →  ↖  ↙  →  ↘

Cassette Tape[edit | edit source]

The cassette room can be found at the beginning of Hollows, in the same section as the Crystal Heart. A small hole can be seen on the far left, where the Kevin Block is. It's possible to use it to crash into the wall and open a hidden entrance. It will lead to a hidden room with the cassette being at the very left end of it.

Golden Strawberry[edit | edit source]

The Golden Strawberry is obtained in a similar way to all previous chapters; by not dying at all. However, the locations where the golden strawberry can be initially found and subsequently collected are different from all prior chapters. The Golden Strawberry is found at the beginning of the Lake checkpoint (instead of "Start"), and is collected immediately upon entering the room where the "Level Up" cutscene occurs (after the Badeline boss fight).