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The Frogeline emoji

Date created June 9, 2019
Sources FrogChamp emoji

The term "Frogeline" (also known as :frogeline:, and formerly Froggeline), "Frog" for short, refers to an emote commonly used as an expression of excitement within the Celeste community and the Celeste Discord server. It takes the appearance of a sideways Kermit the Frog striking a "Pog"[note 1][note 2] pose ("FrogChamp"), but with Madeline's hair superimposed on top.

Frogeline was added to the Celeste Discord server on June 9, 2019, following a suggestion by timesink#6932 created on June 7, 2019. Since that day, it has spread in various Celeste communities like wildfire.

Several variations on the Frogeline emote exist throughout the Internet, especially in other Celeste Discord servers. The most notable one is :pausefrogeline:, which depicts Frogeline with the mouth closed, and :unfrogeline:, depicting a frowning Frogeline, both of which have been added to the official Celeste Discord server. Other variations include :frogelinewoke:, combining it with the "woke" red eyes meme. These variations, however, are much less common than the original Frogeline, owing to how they don't exist on the official Celeste Discord server.

The antithesis of Frogeline is commonly recognized to be Cateline, an emote similar to Frogeline albeit depicting "Smudge the Cat" from the woman yelling at a cat meme.

Variant Details[edit | edit source]

Frogeline is based on an image titled "FrogChamp" (see gallery), whose creator is Discord user Baq#5843.

Pausefrogeline is the first variant of Frogeline. It was based on the "FrogChamp" variant called PauseFrog, also created by Discord user Baq#5843. Later, someone pasted Madeline's hair on top of it. This emote has been widely spread and is one of the most popular and used variants of Frogeline.

Frognom, Unpausefrogeline, or frogelinepop[note 3][note 4], is another variant used in smaller servers, where Frogeline repeatedly opens and closes its mouth. A recent variation includes the frogelinepopbutfastest emote (see gallery) where Frogeline opens and closes its mouth at twice the speed of its original.

Woke Frogeline, better known as frogelinewoke, is a more recent addition to the different Frogeline variations, created by Discord user Elly#3416 on January 21, 2021. Frogelinewoke is a combination of the original Frogeline emoji and the laser eyes meme, while also red shifting the emoji's color scheme.

Hyper frogeline, colloquially :hyperfrogeline: is an emote made for the same purpose as hyperfrogeline, but better. It was suggested to the Celeste Discord Server on November 4, 2021, in response to frogelinewoke being presented as its better version. It was accepted and added to the server on November 10, 2021, in the fifth wave of added emotes after the readdition of the channel emote-suggestions into the server.

Rainbowfrogeline is the original frogeline emoji, with a constant hue shift. This was created in a smaller Discord server using the bot named Miza and running a command to make it constantly shift its hue.[note 5]

Numerous other Frogeline variants exist. Many of them were created for The Frogeline Project, a themed collab released in early 2023.

Gallery[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Frogeline has been used in over 180 thousand messages within the Celeste Discord Server as of November 2023.
  • Over 120 variations on Frogeline are known to exist.
  • Frogeline is referenced many times outside of using the emote; examples include using the term "Froggers" instead of "Poggers", used for the same reason as the emote itself.
  • Many other expressions on the Celeste Discord server and within the Celeste community invoke Frogeline indirectly. Examples include "frogular", which means "excellent" or "tubular".
  • Celeste Wiki's Discord server has a particular channel for spamming Frogeline emojis.
  • Frogeline, along with Cateline is used commonly in server voting systems, Frogeline representing voting for something and Cateline is for voting against it.
  • Frogeline is currently the most used emote in the Celeste Discord server.
  • A Frogeline-themed collab, named The Frogeline Project, is available for download.
  • A Frogeline skinmod has been created by CaptnCav#5622. It can be seen here.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Not to be confused with Pogs, or Milk Caps.
  2. Incidentally, "Pog" means "Play of Game" and "Pogchamp" means "Play of Game Champion." Thus, the Twitch emote is named "PogChamp", as its subject is a person with an excited face.
  3. Based on the popcat meme, depicting a cat opening and closing its mouth repeatedly, with a pop sound effect somebody created with their mouth.
  4. There is a website where you can click the subject of the popcat meme to make it perform a pop, with a global leaderboard of how many pops it has performed. Click here to view it.
  5. The command is '~rainbow [Insert image, emoji, or ping an individual here]'