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The following is a list of the different chapters of Celeste.

Celeste[edit | edit source]

Chapters in Celeste
Icon Num. Chapter Name Difficulty
N/A Prologue 0
1 Forsaken City 1
2 Old Site 1
3 Celestial Resort 2
4 Golden Ridge 2
5 Mirror Temple 3
6 Reflection 3
7 The Summit 4
N/A Epilogue 0
8 Core 4
9 Farewell 5

Difficulty Rating[edit | edit source]

# Rating Berries Description
0 Tutorial 0 These levels are meant just for teaching new players or for cinematic content, rather than actual gameplay.
1 Beginner 0-20 Liking the game so far? These levels give an early challenge but become a taken-for-granted breeze later on.
2 Developing 21-100 For players who have a few levels under their belt.
3 Novice 101-150 Most of the vanilla game is complete, not much further to go.
4 Moderate 151-174 For players who have scaled the summit and explored deeper into the mountain, and are just experimenting with B-sides.
5 Advanced 175-180 Players who have completed all the B-sides, and are looking for a challenge.
6 Difficult 180-190 Players who have completed Farewell and are collecting C-Side goldens
7 Challenging 190-197 Players who have most C-Side goldens to show off, and are working on obtaining A-Side goldens.
8 Grueling 198-200 Some of the hardest challenges in Celeste. Players who are attempting to golden the Hell Trio (6, 7, 8 B-sides)
9 Hardcore 201 Players attempting to golden Farewell itself, the hardest challenge in the game.
10 Extreme 202 Levels for players with every single strawberry possible in the game.
11 (basically)


202 Levels rumored to be impossible to complete or golden. No one has goldened this level, and they might stay that way for a very long time.

note: you dont NEED strawberrys. but getting them will learn you some skils that can help. but if you dont want it you can totaly do celeste 0 strawberrys

Spring Collab Gauges
Lobby Gauge Rating Levels
Prologue N/A 0
Beginner Green 1 Seeker Temple, Starjump, Thoughtful Dreams
Yellow 1 Azurite Ascent, Badeline Block Belt, Blast Processing, Chillout Mountain, Heavenly Altitudes, Heaven's Outer Space, Into the Storm, Mossy Caverns, Space Jam Fever Dream, Temple of the Kevins, The Singularity
Red 2 Cirque Maderano, Crystal Enigma, Desolate Spire, Electric Stratosphere
Heartside 2
Intermediate Green 3 Jots & Scribbles, Overgrown City, Serene Skydive
Yellow 3 Abandoned and Ruined, Another Summit, Circular Platform Clutter, City of Tears, Dark Side of the Moon, Desecration, Electrified Resort, Heavenly, Hot and Cold Cavern, Madelina Jones and the Temple of Zoom, Sizzling Citadel, Spirit Spire, Stratcour Summit, The Game
Red 4 Ancient Engine, Claustrophobia, Flooded Waterways, Möbius Temple, Water and Ice
Heartside 5
Advanced Green 4 String
Yellow 5 Above Celeste's Peak, Booster in Orbit, Cave-in Cavern, Crumbling Castle, Crimson Night, Nice Doppelgänger, Northern Lights, Rhythm Realm, The Correlation, Toxic Sewers
Red 6 Ferocious Sanctuary, Mural Skies, nyoom
Heartside 6
Expert Green 7
Yellow 8
Red 8
Heartside 9
Grandmaster Green 9
Yellow 9
Red 10
Cracked 10
Heartside 10
Winter Collab Thermometers
Thermometer # Levels
Hot 1
Warmer 2
Warm 3
Lukewarm 4
Ambient 5
Chilly 6
Cold 7
Frosty 8
Frozen 9
Subzero 10