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In modding, a map is a room or a series of rooms containing playable gameplay and (usually) a bunch of other stuff.

What a map contains[edit | edit source]

Maps usually contain gameplay, decoration, music, sounds, and sometimes, a story. All of these things will vary depending on what map it is. Some maps have custom entities or triggers from other mods, which may also be helpers. This is known as dependencies.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

Maps range in difficulties including beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, grandmaster, and beyond. Maps can also internally vary in difficulty, an example of which being Farewell, whose first few subchapters are intermediate while the rest of the map is considered advanced.

How maps are made[edit | edit source]

Maps are usually made with programs like Ahorn or Lonn, which are tools that have a variety of features useful in making maps.