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Feathers[edit source]

Shielded Feathers[edit source]

Keys[edit source]

Keys[edit source]

Key Doors (locks)[edit source]

Oshiro (as a boss)[edit source]

Platforms[edit source]

Moving Platforms[edit source]

Sinking Platforms[edit source]

Pufferfish[edit source]

Snowballs[edit source]

Spikes[edit source]

Spinners (crystals)[edit source]

Springs[edit source]

Strawberries[edit source]

Theo Crystal[edit source]

Touch Switches (the one with the shield)[edit source]

Touch Switches[edit source]

Touch Switch Blocks[edit source]

Tiles (in general)[edit source]

Pass-through (brown) platforms[edit source]

Temple gates[edit source]

Gray temple gate[edit source]

Brown temple gate[edit source]