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Other names Crystals
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Spinners, also known as crystals, are circular spike-like objects found in a large variety of chapters, and have different appearances throughout. They aren't attached to blocks as often as regular spikes, but are instead often joined together with other spinners placed closely nearby, forming impenetrable walls. Despite their name, spinners do not spin, or even move at all.

Appearance and functionality[edit | edit source]

Crystal Spinners are introduced in Golden Ridge and are apparent through the rest of the chapters, with them being a different color depending on the chapter:

Spinners work a bit differently than regular spikes. Their hitboxes are bigger and they can kill Madeline from all directions. They often appear connected in large formations, forming deadly traps. Spinners can also be attached to moving entities such as Move Blocks or falling blocks in the vanilla game.

In the vanilla game, they are also usually placed on a grid, where the hitboxes have 4 pixel-wide gaps, allowing speedrunners or TAS runs to Demodash through them, although the timing is pixel perfect and difficult to do consistently without a setup. Certain rooms, such as the final falling room in Reflection B-Side, have slightly wider gaps, forming intentional speedrun paths.

Although static dust bunnies in Celestial Resort are technically considered Spinners, according to the vanilla game files, they are often considered different entities due to their vastly different appearance. They may also be demodashed through.