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<languages /> Template:PD Help Page Template:Special page <translate> Your watchlist is a display for [[<tvar|1>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Tracking changes</>|tracking changes]], similar to the <tvar|rc>Template:Ll</> display, but limited to showing changes only across your set of "watched" pages.</translate> <translate> You can see your watchlist by following the "<tvar|watchlist>Template:Int</>" link in your account menu (on the top right).</translate> <translate> This feature is only available to users who have registered and logged in.</translate>


Add pages to watchlist[edit source]

</translate> <translate> Before you see anything interesting here, you have to actually add some pages to your watchlist.</translate> <translate> Do so by navigating to a page that interests you, and click the star icon <tvar|star>Template:Int</> (or "<tvar|watch>Template:Int</>" tab).</translate>

<translate> A page already in your watchlist will be marked with a blue star (<tvar|star>Template:Int</> or "<tvar|watch>Template:Int</>" tab).

If you want to remove pages from your watchlist, click on the blue star icon <tvar|star>Template:Int</> (or "<tvar|watch>Template:Int</>" tab).

Watchlist Expiry[edit source]

</translate> <translate> A new watchlist feature is included in <tvar|1>Template:Ll</>: Watchlist Expiry.</translate> <translate> With this feature, you can optionally select to watch a page for a temporary period of time.</translate> <translate> Once the watch period has expired, the page will be automatically removed from your watchlist.</translate> <translate> You can update the watch period at any time, including switching from temporary to permanent status.</translate> <translate> Temporarily watched pages are usually represented by a half star (as opposed to a full star, which represents permanently watched pages).</translate> <translate> To find out when Watchlist Expiry will be enabled on your wiki, you can check out the [[<tvar|1>m:Special:MyLanguage/Community_Tech/Watchlist_Expiry/Release_Schedule</>|release schedule]] on Meta-wiki.</translate> <translate> For documentation on how to use the feature, please visit <tvar|1>Template:Ll</>.</translate>


Why a watchlist[edit source]

</translate> <translate> The watchlist feature is mainly useful on a very busy wiki where the "<tvar|rc>Template:Int</>" display becomes too overwhelming with many changes you don't want to follow.</translate> <translate> On a typical low traffic wiki, you can normally see all of the editing activity across the whole wiki without feeling overwhelmed.</translate> <translate> On a more busy wiki you will find that many edits are taking place on pages which you personally find less interesting.</translate> <translate> To help track changes which are more interesting, start watching pages!</translate>

<translate> Typically you would watch pages related to your interest areas, and also pages where you care most about the content.</translate> <translate> If you make a significant edit to a page, you might want to watch the page (so you know when there are any follow-up edits).</translate> <translate> Note that there is a also a checkbox on the edit screen ("<tvar|watch>Template:Int</>") for this purpose.</translate>

<translate> Your watchlist is personal.</translate> <translate> You can watch any page you want.</translate> <translate> That choice will remain private.</translate>


Use your watchlist[edit source]

</translate> <translate> On the watchlist display, some page names appear in bold.</translate> <translate> This indicates whether or not you have visited the page to see the change.</translate> <translate> It's a bit like read/unread emails in an email inbox.</translate> <translate> The "<tvar|rc>Template:Int</>" display will also have some new bold highlighting, but for a different reason.</translate> <translate> Here bold is just indicating edits to pages on your watchlist.</translate>

<translate> [[<tvar|1>Special:MyLanguage/Help:New_filters_for_edit_review</>|You can combine different kinds of filters]] to display the results you want.

Email notifications[edit source]

</translate> <translate> According to the relevant [[<tvar|pref>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Preferences</>|preferences]], changes to pages you watch may also be notified to you by email.</translate> <translate> The main preference for this is "<tvar|1>Template:Int</>".</translate>

<translate> After receiving an email notification for a page, you have to visit the page while logged in if you want to be notified of further changes to the same page. </translate>


Watchlist feed with token[edit source]

You can set up an RSS or Atom feed of your watchlist that is accessible even when logged out:</translate>


  • Get your watchlist token from [[<tvar|1>Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-watchlist</>|Special:Preferences/Watchlist]]</translate>



  • If you would prefer an Atom feed rather than an RSS one, add "<tvar|1>&feedformat=atom</>" to the Link of your feed.</translate>


  • To further customise your watchlist feed add different parameters to the link, see <tvar|1>Template:Ll</>.

See also[edit source]


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