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<languages /> Template:PD Help Page Template:Special page <translate> The [[<tvar|1>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Special pages</>|special page]] <tvar|2>Special:Undelete</> is for wiki administrators to browse the revisions associated with deleted pages (so called deleted revisions). </translate>

<translate> To view this page you will need the deletedhistory permission.</translate> <translate> If you also have the browsearchive permission, you will additionally be able to search for deleted pages.</translate> <translate> Note, browsearchive does not imply deletedhistory.</translate>

<translate> The text of the deleted revisions will only be viewable with the deletedtext permission. </translate>

<translate> Finally, you can restore deleted revisions with the undelete permission.</translate> <translate> Note, undelete implies deletedtext (as you wouldn't want to restore text you couldn't see.)</translate>

<translate> For completeness, it is perhaps worth mentioning that the undelete permission alone isn't sufficient to restore a deleted page, you additionally need the deletedhistory permission, which, unlike deletedtext, isn't implied by undelete.</translate> <translate> This is probably a bug, however.</translate>