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<languages/> Template:PD Help Page <translate> The "Related changes" feature lists all recent changes (before MediaWiki 1.5: only the last) in each page linked to from the specified page, or all recent changes in each page with a link to the specified page.

Details[edit source]

</translate> <translate> The number of pages listed is specified in the preferences.</translate> <translate> However, the entries come from the <tvar|recentchanges>Template:Ll</> table and are therefore restricted to edits not older than <tvar|RCMaxAge>Template:Ll</>.</translate>

<translate> Like in <tvar|rc>Template:Ll</> and <tvar|enhanced>Template:Ll</>, [[<tvar|watching>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Watching pages</>|watched pages]] are bolded.

Watchlist-like functionality[edit source]

</translate> <translate> This feature can be used to set up custom-watchlist-like functionality.</translate> <translate> It behaves like a watchlist which would contain every page linked to from the current page.</translate> <translate> However, Related changes does not automatically include talk pages; to watch also the corresponding talk pages, links to them also have to be in the page on which Related changes is applied.</translate>


Options[edit source]

The option "Hide minor edits" that can be set in the [[<tvar|pref>Special:Preferences</>|preferences]] applies among other things to Related changes.

See also [[<tvar|pref>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Preferences#Recent_changes</>|hide minor edits]].

Caveats[edit source]

</translate> <translate> Note that for a link to redirect, only a change in the redirect is given, not a change in the target article.</translate> <translate> In this regard a direct link to the target article is superior.</translate>

<translate> The "Related changes" feature neither lists changes in images or sound files nor in image description pages (regardless of which of the three linking methods (image, :image or media) is used).

When applying the feature to a [[<tvar|link>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Link#Subpage feature</>|subpage]], the automatic link to the parent page is ignored, i.e., changes in the parent page are not listed unless there is also an explicit link to it.

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