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Template:Ptag <languages /> Template:PD Help Page Template:Special page <translate> Recent changes is a [[<tvar|special-pages>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Special page</>|special page]] that lists recent changes in reverse order, with change date and time, change in the page size, user who created the page, and [[<tvar|edit-summary>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Edit summary</>|edit summary]]. It also provides links to [[<tvar|patrolled-edits>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Patrolled edits</>|patrol]] these new edits when that feature is enabled.

This feature is accessible at <tvar|spec-rc>Special:RecentChanges</>. The page results are adjustable using settings the [[<tvar|prefs-rc>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Preferences#Recent_changes</>|Preferences section "Recent changes"]].

You can choose which Recent Changes you want to display. [[<tvar|filters>Special:MyLanguage/Help:New_filters_for_edit_review</>|You can combine different kinds of filters]] to display the results you want.

Recent Changes display a list of results. That list is explained [[<tvar|RecentChangesList>m:Special:MyLanguage/Help:Recent_changes</>|on Meta]].

Transclusions[edit source]

This special page can be [[<tvar|transclusion>Special:MyLanguage/Help:transclusion</>|transcluded]], with the first unnamed parameter specifying how many entries should be displayed. </translate>


<translate> A wiki can be configured with aliases for the namespace "Special" and the title "Recent changes", and those localized versions can be used instead of the canonical ones.

Additional parameters may be used in a comma separated list such as: </translate>


<translate> Even if a wiki is configured with aliases for the namespace and title, it is not possible to use localized parameters. </translate>

<translate> parameter</translate> <translate> value type</translate> <translate> description</translate>
days <translate> integer</translate> <translate> Maximum number of days to display</translate>
limit <translate> integer</translate> <translate> Maximum number of entries to display</translate>
namespace <translate> integer</translate> <translate> Limit results to the specified namespace</translate>
hidebots <translate> boolean</translate> <translate> Hide [[<tvar|bots>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Bots</>|bots]]</translate>
bots <translate> boolean</translate> <translate> Show bots</translate>
hideminor <translate> boolean</translate> <translate> Hide [[<tvar|meta-minor-edit>meta:Special:MyLanguage/Help:minor edit</>|minor edits]]</translate>
minor <translate> boolean</translate> <translate> Show minor edits</translate>
hideliu <translate> boolean</translate> <translate> Hide logged in users (LIU)</translate>
hidepatrolled <translate> boolean</translate> <translate> Only show pages which have not been [[<tvar|patrolled-edits>Special:MyLanguage/Help:patrolled edits</>|patrolled]].</translate>
hideanons <translate> boolean</translate> <translate> Hide [[<tvar|anonymous>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Logging in</>|Anonymous users]]</translate>
hidemyself <translate> boolean</translate> <translate> Hide the logged in user's own changes</translate>
hidecategorization <translate> boolean</translate> <translate> Hide page categorization</translate>
tagfilter <translate> text</translate> <translate> Only get entries for that [[<tvar|help>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Tags</>|tag]]</translate> (T142878)


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