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<translate> The default sidebar on the left, see the fifth link from top</translate>

<translate> The random page feature allows users to view a wiki page at random. The default, and most convenient use is to show a random page in the main namespace, and is accessed through the <tvar|random>Special:Random</> page. Users will be redirected to the selection.

<tvar|randompg>Special:Randompage</> is an alias for the feature and works in the same manner.

Namespace selection[edit source]

Users can also opt to view a random page in a namespace of their choice. This is achieved by specifying a namespace as a parameter to the page, i.e. <tvar|help>Special:Random/Help</> will select a random page in the Help namespace; <tvar|category>Special:Random/Category</> will show the contents of a random category, etc.

Settings[edit source]


  • Template:Ll - <translate> this will set what namespaces should be counted as article content and included in <tvar|random>Special:Random</> function</translate>


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