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<languages/> Template:PD Help Page Template:Special page <translate> New pages feed is a [[<tvar|special>Special:MyLanguage/Help:special page</>|special page]] that is added by [[<tvar|extension>Special:MyLanguage/Extension:PageTriage</>|the PageTriage extension]] that lists recently created pages, as well as offering multiple filtering options. It also provides links to [[<tvar|patrol>Special:MyLanguage/Help:patrolled edits</>|patrol]] these new pages when that feature is enabled.

It was designed to be part of the [[<tvar|page-curation>Special:MyLanguage/Page Curation</>|page curation]] workflow.

This feature is accessible at <tvar|spec-npf>Special:NewPagesFeed</>. The page results are not adjustable in the [[<tvar|prefs>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Preferences</>|Preferences]]. This special page cannot be [[<tvar|transclude>Special:MyLanguage/Help:transclusion</>|transcluded]].

Filters[edit source]

This special page can be filtered based on the user who created the page, whether the page has been previously deleted, or other options.

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