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<languages /> Template:PD Help Page <translate> WikibaseCirrusSearch is an <tvar|1>Template:Ll</> on top of <tvar|2>Template:Ll</>, which enables some capabilities that are relevant for Wikibase. </translate>

<translate> Below are described keywords and capabilities unique to this extension.</translate> <translate> Please see <tvar|1>Template:Ll</> for the rest of the syntax</translate>


Keywords[edit source]


haswbstatement[edit source]

<translate> Returns the items that have specific value in statement with specific property.</translate> <translate> The search is case-insensitive.</translate>


For example, for item with value of <tvar|1>


~ human

</> in property <tvar|2>


~ instance of

</> use: <tvar|3>haswbstatement:P31=Q5</> and for item with value <tvar|4>"113230702"</> in property <tvar|5>



</> use <tvar|6>haswbstatement:P214=113230702</>.


<translate> You can also make queries without a specified value, e.g. for all items with property <tvar|1>



</> (in main value) use <tvar|2>haswbstatement:P214</>.</translate>

<translate> You can even leave out the property as well, and use <tvar|1>haswbstatement:*</> to search for pages with any statement at all.</translate>

<translate> To search for items that do not have a certain statement, add an <tvar|1>“exclude”</> modifier, for example <tvar|2>-haswbstatement:P31=Q13442814</>.</translate>

<translate> <tvar|1>-haswbstatement:P31</> will find items with no <tvar|2>


~ instance of

</> statement.</translate>

<translate> Statements with qualifiers can also be searched for by adding a qualifier statement in square brackets.</translate> <translate> For example, to search for items that {{<tvar|1>Q|P180</>|depict}} a {{<tvar|2>Q|Q146</>|cat}} you can use <tvar|3>haswbstatement:P180=Q146</> - and to further specify that the cat must have the {{<tvar|4>Q|P462</>|color}} {{<tvar|5>Q|Q23445</>|black}} you can use <tvar|6>haswbstatement:P180=Q146[P462=Q23445]</>.</translate> <translate> A wildcard can also be used when specifying qualifiers - to find all items that depict a cat of any color use <tvar|1>haswbstatement:P180=Q146|P462=*</>.</translate>

<translate> Statement searches can be combined using logical OR by using a pipe character e.g. <tvar|1>haswbstatement:P180=Q146|P180=Q144</> will find all items that depict a cat OR a dog.

Statements can be combined using logical AND by using two separate haswbstatement queries, e.g. <tvar|1>haswbstatement:P180=Q146 haswbstatement:P180=Q144</> will find all items that depict both a cat AND a dog.

On Wikidata this currently works for all properties with <tvar|1>"external identifier"</>, <tvar|2>"string"</>, <tvar|3>"item"</>, <tvar|4>"property"</>, <tvar|5>"lexeme"</>, <tvar|6>"form"</> and <tvar|7>"sense"</> datatypes, except {{<tvar|8>Q|P1433</>|published in}} and {{<tvar|9>Q|P2860</>|cites}}, which are currently omitted for performance reasons. </translate>

inlabel/incaption[edit source]


<translate> Allows the user to search for pages that have wikibase labels, optionally in user specified languages.</translate> <translate> Example: <tvar|1>inlabel:duck@en</> looks for items that have the word <tvar|2>"duck"</> in their English labels.</translate> <translate> More than one language can be specified, separated by commas: <tvar|1>inlabel:duck@en,fr,de</>.</translate> <translate> If you append * to the language name, fallbacks to this language will also be searched.</translate> <translate> If you append +, then 'en' (English) will be excluded from fallbacks: <tvar|1>inlabel:gift@de-at+</> searches for word <tvar|2>"gift"</> in language "de-at" and its fallback chain, not including English.</translate> <translate> Language of <tvar|1>"*"</> searches all labels using language-insensitive match (labels_all field) - it can only be specified on its own, not in combination with other languages.</translate> <translate> Not specifying the language - <tvar|1>inlabel:gift@</> or <tvar|2>inlabel:gift</> - will also search all labels.</translate>

<translate> If you need to search string with spaces, use quotes: <tvar|1>inlabel:"manifesto futurista@pt-br,pt"</>.

<tvar|1>incaption</>is the alias for <tvar|2>inlabel</> and they work identically. </translate>

wbstatementquantity[edit source]

<translate> Allows the user to search for pages/items that have wikibase statements associated with them, and specify quantities of those statements.</translate> <translate> If an item has the statement <tvar|1>P180=Q5</> with the qualifier <tvar|2>P1114=5</> (meaning "depicts human, quantity 5" in Wikidata), then it can be found using any of the following search queries:</translate>


<translate> Statements can be combined using logical OR by separating them using a pipe, e.g. <tvar|1>wbstatementquantity:P999=Q888>5|P999=Q888<8</>.

Statements can be combined using logical AND by using two separate <tvar|1>wbstatementquantity</> queries, e.g. <tvar|2>wbstatementquantity:P999=Q888>5 wbstatementquantity:P999=Q888<8</> (a range search) or <tvar|3>wbstatementquantity:P999=Q888>5 wbstatementquantity:P999=Q777<8</> </translate>

<translate> Note that not all statements are indexed.</translate> <translate> Searching for a statement about a property that has not been indexed will give an empty result.</translate>

hasdescription[edit source]

<translate> Returns Wikibase items which have a description populated in the specified language.</translate> <translate> For example, to search for items with a description in Japanese, use <tvar|1>hasdescription:ja.</></translate>

<translate> Supports providing multiple language codes to support a search for items with a description in language X OR Y.</translate> <translate> For example, <tvar|1>hasdescription:it,hu</> will return items with a description in Italian OR Hungarian.</translate>

<translate> It can also be used multiple times to impose multiple requirements on returned results.</translate> <translate> For example, <tvar|1>hasdescription:en hasdescription:de</> will return items with descriptions in English AND German, and <tvar|2>hasdescription:es -hasdescription:fr</> will return items with a description in Spanish and without a description in French.</translate>

haslabel/hascaption[edit source]

<translate> Same as <tvar|1>hasdescription</>, but for labels (also known informally as captions).</translate> <translate> <tvar|1>hascaption</> is provided as an alias, as with <tvar|2>inlabel/incaption</> above.</translate>

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