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<languages/> <translate> Some page titles are defined as bad for various reasons. You can't create pages with these titles.

For details of what constitutes a bad title, see [[<tvar|1>#regex</>|regex]] section or <tvar|2>Template:Ll</>.

For reference here is an example of a horrible, but valid title:

  • Some¬`!"£$^&*()_+-=~?/.,;:'@

Things you can't use in titles:

HTTP Codes[edit source]

These vary according to the version number of the software:

  • 400 (Bad Request) for v1.19.1 and above
  • 200 (OK) for v1.16.4 and earlier



Regex[edit source]


# Matching titles will be held as illegal.
$rxTc = '/' .
	# Any character not allowed is forbidden...
	'[^' . self::legalChars() . ']' .
	# URL percent encoding sequences interfere with the ability
	# to round-trip titles -- you can't link to them consistently.
	'|%[0-9A-Fa-f]{2}' .
	# XML/HTML character references produce similar issues.
	'|&[A-Za-z0-9\x80-\xff]+;' .
	'|&#[0-9]+;' .
	'|&#x[0-9A-Fa-f]+;' .


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