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Adding a category via HotCat

Categories are a feature of MediaWiki. They allow you to group related articles, files, categories, talk pages, and other pages. On Celeste Wiki, every article, file, category page, and page in the Celeste Wiki namespace must belong to at least one category (with three exceptions: the Main Page with its subpage Main Page/stylesheet.css, and the root category Category:Contents). Celeste Wiki uses HotCat, an extension allowing users to easily add, change, or remove categories from a page. To suppress most accidental clicks on the remove category button, only registered users who made at least one edit can remove categories with HotCat.

This article contains information about the functioning of categories on Celeste Wiki.

Special pages about categories[edit | edit source]

MediaWiki has many special pages related to categories, including:

Category overview[edit | edit source]

Category:Contents is the root category of Celeste Wiki. From there:

You can explore more in the category tree.

Operations with categories[edit | edit source]

You can add a page to a category by using HotCat, through the visual editor menu, or by adding [[Category:categoryname]] in the source editor. They will be sorted alphabetically within the category, but you can change that by using sortkeys ([[Category:categoryname|sortkey]]). A common trick is making a space character as a sortkey for main articles of a category.

When creating a category, always include its parent category. The category must be named logically and not controversially, as it is hard to rename them later. There are no other requirements for category pages, though you might want to use Template:CatBrowser there.

Moving (renaming) already populated categories is a hard change, so unless it has less than a dozen members and has an obvious mistake in its title, renaming categories requires community consensus. When you have it, contact administrators who can automatically move all articles (through bots). Remember to change all applicable templates to point to the new category, and to categorize new articles into the new category. This also applies to deleting categories.