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Celestial Resort

Chapter 3
Strawberries Strawberry ingame.png 25  • Goldberry ingame.png 3
Sides 3A  •  3B  •  3C
Characters  • Madeline
 • Badeline
 • Theo
 • Mr. Oshiro

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Celestial Resort is the third chapter of Celeste. Preceded by Old Site and succeeded by Golden Ridge, it occurs in the decrepit Celestial Resort Hotel. It introduces Mr. Oshiro, a ghost who manages the hotel and attempts to convince Madeline to stay. This chapter notably features a vast number of Dust Bunnies, also known as Sludge, which are the products of Mr. Oshiro's own insecurities; these serve as the chapter's main obstacles, effectively replacing spikes and spinners (although the former still appear).


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After leaving the ruins, Madeline finds a hotel, she finds a bell with a note on it that says "Please Ring for Service" and rings it, the lights go down and a ghost appears, he introduces himself as the concierge of the "world-renowned Celestial Resort hotel", Mr. Oshiro. Asking Madeline how long she will stay, she replies that she wants to leave and continue climbing the mountain. Oshiro ends up getting a bit concerned because he is losing a guest; he tells Madeline that there is a world-class view of the peak in their presidential suite, and offers to guide her to the room.

After traversing a few rooms, Madeline tells him that the hotel is in pretty rough shape. Soon after, Madeline finds herself in a messy room full of clothes, books and crates. Upon finding Oshiro, he starts getting worried, realizing the hotel is a huge mess. After realizing he can't clean the whole hotel alone, he gives up, but Madeline offers to help him. When Madeline starts cleaning, Oshiro thinks it's the power of positive thinking; however, Madeline tells him that it was actually her who cleaned some of the clutter. Eventually, Madeline can find a paper hidden under a pile of clothes, informing the hotel staff that the Celestial Resort is closing; this explains part of why the hotel is in such shape. She can also find Theo crawling through the vents in order to leave the hotel, telling her to stop helping Oshiro; this fails to work, and Madeline continues to clean the hotel. If Madeline has never seen or never talked to Theo before, she will introduce herself first; if she has ignored him despite having seen him in either Forsaken City or Old Site, she will additionally apologize for being antisocial.

After cleaning up all the mess, Oshiro guides her to the presidential suite, where, en route, she again finds Theo telling her to leave. A bit later, she can find Oshiro leaking dust sprites out of his head out of nervousness, blocking the shortcut to her room; this explains where all of the dust bunnies came from. Upon Madeline reaching the suite, she tells Oshiro that it is beautiful, solely to avoid disappointing him (he doesn't realize this); Maddy then states her intent, saying that she now wants to leave and continue climbing the mountain. Oshiro's nervousness continues to manifest, and makes it so that he'll give Madeline a discount. She declines, stating that she wishes to continue climbing the mountain.

Oshiro begs her to stay in the hotel, but is quickly interrupted by Badeline, who appears in the mirror and then proceeds to shatter it, telling Oshiro that he is a loser and that the hotel is the worst place she's ever seen. Madeline attempts to calm down Oshiro, who soon enough ends up snapping and lashing out her. Badeline tries to convince Maddy that she shouldn't be helping the creepy weirdo that Oshiro is.

“This resort is a dump. No one would ever want to stay here.”
~ Badeline, talking to Oshiro

Soon after, Oshiro starts attacking Madeline while she tries to escape the hotel on the rooftop. After a long chase sequence, Oshiro breaks the roof and makes Madeline fall onto the ground with him; he subsequently explains that he knows the hotel is a total mess and was supposed to be closed for repairs and asks her to leave him alone.



Celestial Resort A-Side

Level 3A
Strawberries Strawberry ingame.png 25  • Goldberry ingame.png 1
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Celestial Resort
A-side  • B-side  • C-side

Celestial Resort's A-Side is the first "indoors" chapter in Celeste, and marks a notably increased level of difficulty compared to Forsaken City and Old Site. It introduces several new mechanics to the game, most notably keys and locks, as well as omnipresent dust bunnies. The chapter is also much longer than Old Site.


The chapter begins outside the resort. It features static and moving dust bunnies. Madeline needs to collect a key in order to access the resort. More locks, which need to be unlocked, are present throughout the chapter.

After making it to the hotel, Madeline needs to interact with the bell, which triggers a cutscene and unlocks the path forward.

Madeline then needs to navigate some more through the clutter- and sludge-filled hotel.

Huge Mess

The second subchapter has three paths that can be taken in any order. At the end of each path is a treasure box inside of a clear bubble, which, when dashed into, removes certain clutter from all rooms in the hotel. This makes taking subsequent paths slightly harder, but also makes navigating the main room easier. The top path removes the books, the middle path removes the clothes, and the bottom path removes the crates.

The availible paths are initially locked, Madeline needs to interact with Mr. Oshiro in order to unlock them. This interaction needs to be repeated for every path.

Theo, who tries to escape from the hotel via the vent, can be found in the middle path. The interaction with him is mandatory this time.

After all clutter is cleaned up, Madeline can access a key that opens the door to the elevator shaft.

This subchapter contains the chapter's crystal heart.

Elevator Shaft

The subchapter begins with a vertical elevator shaft. Madeline must use wallbounces to climb it while also having to avoid dust bunnies that move up and down through the shaft.

After a few more rooms, Mr. Oshiro can be found. He spews dust bunnies over the path, which block Madeline's path forward, forcing her to take a detour below. However, it is possible to demodash through this barrier.

A Cassette Tape can also be found in this subchapter.

Presidential Suite



Strawberries & Collectibles

Celestial Resort contains 25 unique red strawberries hidden throughout the chapter. This includes two winged strawberries, no seeded berries are present. Additionally, a Cassette Tape and a Blue Crystal Heart are hidden within.

Speedrun strategies

Faster Key Grab

Instead of taking the normal route to grab the key in the beginning of the chapter, speedrunners take advantage of the fact that screen transitions refill your dash to grab the key by simply dashing through the screen transition multiple times. This is also how you obtain the Old Site Crystal Heart.

Elevator Shaft demodash

Following the cutscene where Oshiro starts spewing out dust bunnies, it is possible to perform a demodash in order to skip having to take a detour via below. This is commonly used in any% speedruns, since it can save approximately twelve seconds over the intended method.

Celeste Classic

A computer hidden in the "Huge Mess" subchapter of Chapter 3 contains the PICO-8 version of Celeste, released in 2016. Interacting with the PICO-8 will unlock the option to play the PICO-8 straight from the menu.

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